4F Fat Freeze Fat Flush At REvive Aesthetics


Breakdown those stubborn fats with the 4F Fat Freeze Fat Flush at REvive Aesthetics

Fats–it’s something that no one wants more of, unless perhaps it’s on a piece of siobak (but even then probably at the back of your mind you might be thinking about the amount of exercise required to burn it off). That’s not to say all fats on the body are no good; you do need fats in your body, but sometimes they tend to accumulate in the most unsightly places. Think love handles, butterfly wings (fats under the arms) and the muffin top. And the worst part is that no matter what you do, they tend to be quite stubborn (at least that’s the case for us).

Luckily with advancements in science and technology, there are new methods to deal with these unwanted fats, not just the more well-known one, liposuction, which involves going under the knife and a considerable amount of downtime. One of these methods is fat freezing such as the 4F Fat Freeze Fat Flush at REvive Aesthetics.

So what are the positives about this treatment? Well, the promise of a reduction of visible fats in targeted areas and no downtime. Yes, you can do the treatment and go right back to life as normal. Perhaps the only downtime would be for the visible appearance of your skin, which you may need to cover after that, but more on that later.

As per the usual procedure at similar places, after you enter, you are expected to fill in a form disclosing any preexisting conditions and an agreement about the treatment. You also have to choose which area of the body you would like the treatment for. You have a choice of four types:
• Re-contouring love handles
• Re-shaping front, back and bra bulge
• Removing fats for flat tummy
• Reducing butterfly wings

After a quick explanation of what the procedure I was going to try out, I was ushered to the treatment room. At first, I was a bit taken aback that it was at another unit at the back, separate from the shop front but I was soon told this is because there are insufficient rooms in the front and the machine for the fat freezing tends to be on the louder side. This proved to be somewhat true as the usual soothing music that is played in the background of such places was completely covered by the humming of the machine. In fact, I had even checked with the therapist as to why there wasn’t the typical background music, and only when she pointed out that it was very faint in the background did my ears pick it up.

For the actual procedure, there are three steps involved. The first is to prep the targeted area for the treatment with one machine where there is literally no pain as the therapist glides it along your body. This lasts for about 5 minutes. However, a certain level of pain is to be expected with the second part of the treatment–the actual one part that works on your fats.

A pack of sorts is placed on the targeted area to “freeze” the fats there and a ‘cup’ linked to the machine is placed over it to start ‘sucking’ the fats out. Well not really in that manner – the suction is applied to target the fat deposits and destroy the fat cells. And you need not worry too much about the machine affecting the other cells in your body; fat cells are more temperature sensitive and will go through the cell death process more quickly, hence the other tissues are left unharmed.

The REvive treatment room

As for the pain, to say that there is no pain would be a lie. It was rather uncomfortable when the suction went on initially–imagine someone grabbing hold of your fats and tugging at it with all their might. However it is not to the point of your tearing, and the suction level can be adjusted to make it more comfortable for those with a lower pain threshold level. However, no pain, no gain – higher levels are said to be more effective.

The good news is that after a while, the painful feeling subsides even though the machine is continually at work. In fact, it was comfortable enough for me to doze off and the therapist had to gently wake me up. The third step involves using the machine from the first step to facilitate the broken down fats in being eliminated from the body.

Though you don’t feel your body freezing during the treatment, when I placed my hands on the area, I could feel it being much colder than the rest of my body. And there were marks left behind after the treatment, bruising of sorts. As I tried the treatment on my arms, this meant that I wore a cardigan for the rest of the day. It didn’t hurt like a usual blue-black does, and it fades away after that. The level of bruising differs from person to person, as does how quickly it disappears. Mine took for about a week to fully dissipate.

Of course, if you choose the tummy treatment, you don’t need to worry too much about marks, unless you frequently expose it. The entire treatment for the arms took about two-and-a-half hours as it was applied on both arms, one after another. If you select a singular spot, such as the tummy, your session might be slightly shorter.

The effects aren’t immediate–the elimination happens over a five to six days, nor should you expect miracles after just one treatment. Hence we can’t testify to the full effectiveness of the treatment over a prolonged period. However, now that you know what it entails, it wasn’t as scary or as painful as we were told that it might be, and that is, of course, a good thing.

4F Fat Freeze Fat Flush
Cost: S$160 per area
Special promotion for first-time customers (valid till May 2018): S$58 for 1 session, S$100 for 2 sessions and $160 for 3 sessions. Just show this article to them for the promotion. 

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