Artist Terry Wee wins coveted Wheelock Art Prize



It started off as a challenge. “Can a work look beautiful when it’s raw, especially in a glamorous place like a shopping mall?” questioned Mr. Terry Wee, when asked what inspired him to create an artwork out of a mundane material like newspaper.

The risk apparently paid off for Terry, the 28 year old graduate from LASALLE, as his artwork, “The Big Apple”, accumulated the highest votes from a public voting held during “The Art of Giving” exhibition consisting 10 unique works of art created by students and alumni of the LASALLE School of Fine Arts Faculty.

Using basic materials like paper, ceramic and plastic, 10 artists had to create thought-provoking contemporary sculptures and abstract installations to communicate their personal discourse on societal trends, relationships, life and emotions.

This year’s “The Art of Giving” exhibition is the fourth and final installment of the annual “The Art of Living” exhibition series organised by Wheelock Properties (Singapore) Limited as part of their commitment to support the local budding artists and underprivileged communities in Singapore. The winning artist of the year receives a $5,000 cash grant and gets to donate $10,000, courtesy of Wheelock Properties, to a charity of his choice.

Terry’s nominated charity was Food from the Heart. Speaking of his decision, Terry said he chose the charity because Food from the Heart celebrates birthdays for needy children. To Terry, birthdays are momentous occasions to show appreciation to his loved ones and he hopes to share this joy of gifting with those who are less privileged.

Art of Giving Terry Wee

Mr. Terry Wee, winner of the coveted Wheelock Art Prize 2015. (Photo Credit: Scotts Square)

Art of Giving - Ronald Stride, Tan Bee Kim

Presentation of $10, 000 donation to Mr. Ronald Stride, Chairman of Food from the Heart, by Ms. Tan Bee Kim, Senior Executive Director of Wheelock Properties (Singapore). (Photo Credit: Scotts Square)

Art of Giving - The Big Apple

Terry’s winning artwork, “The Big Apple”. Commenting on his winning artwork, Terry says, “The casual viewer is drawn to the illusion of cement apples and the installation mirrors the tough and hard life in glamourous metropolitan fashion cities like New York which has been dubbed the Big Apple. Such cities are tempting like the apple is to Eve, but there is often much disillusionment.” (Photo Credit: Scotts Square)

Though “The Art of Giving” exhibition has ended on 27th December last year, interested parties can view or purchase the artworks from the artists at +65 6496 5011. All proceeds go to the LASALLE College of the Arts Student Project Fund.


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