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Hadara is founded by three friends, Grace Ling, Lim Luping and YY Low.  With their respected backgrounds in skin care (Grace and Lim created Dermagold in 2003) and with Y Y has qualified Health Psychologist (YY not only has background has a counselling psychologist with Health Promotion Board but has also experienced of her own struggles in weight management and self-esteem issues).  Thus, Hadara Aesthetics Boutique helps bring out your outer and inner beauty through their quality beauty, slimming and wellness services.

We recently met up with YY Low, founder of Hadara Aesthetics Boutique.  Join us as we begin to learn more about Hadara Aesthetics Boutique, their specialised treatments, Weight Management Consulting and home-grown skincare brand Dermagold:-

BM : Can you give us a little background into Hadara Aesthetics Boutique?

Hadara in Hebrew means beauty, glory and splendour.  At the boutique, our treatments are customised face and body programs, these are non-invasive and health & wellness focused, Hadara is proud to offer some unique body services along with my expertise on body and holistic health.  Hadara Aesthetics Boutique is founded by myself (YY Low) and two friends, Grace Ling and Lim Luping.  Grace and Lim are the brains and expertise behind Dermagold which was created in 2003.  Having been available only to a niche market in the past, in 2014 after much encouragement from family and friends, Grace and Lim took the decision to revamp the Dermagold image.  This revamp coincided with my stepping back into the world of work (after 8 years of being a stay-at-home mama) and, together the three of us developed ‘Hadara’.

BM : What types of treatments are available at Hadara?

At Hadara, we offer some very unique body services as well as myself bringing in my expertise on body and holistic health to the Boutique.  We pride ourselves in customising face and body treatments for our clients to ensure they give the very best results.

Hadara is the 1st beauty boutique in Singapore to carry DERMAGOLD (DgO) facials. DgO is the first home-grown skincare brand to harness benefits of millennia-old, pint-sized seabuckthorn berry – one of the world’s best kept beauty secrets. Seabuckthorn had been found to be rich in antioxidants, essential amino acids, vitamin E, rare Omega 7 and 190 other bioactive nutrients.

Skin benefits of seabuckthorn are:

• Anti-aging properties – decrease in wrinkles and fine lines
• Moisture boosting – particularly for dry and damaged skin
• Natural skin healing and regeneration
• Protection against harmful UV rays

For the body we have a comprehensive range of treatments that include:

• Flexi-cleanse and detox programs (customised according to the needs of the client)
• Nutritional coaching programs
• Stress Management Clinic (in relation to weight management)
• Technology based programs: “Hadara Abdominal Trim Program” and “Hadara Anti-Cellulite Program”
• Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Massage for detoxification, relaxation and boosting of immune system (if done on a regular basis)

BM : What are the most popular treatments with your clients?

Currently our best-selling face treatments are Signature Hadara Power Facial and Hadara Sparkling Eye Therapy. Our best-selling body treatments are the cleansing or detoxification programs together with nutritional coaching, and the “Hadara Abdominal Trim Program”.
We are constantly improving and launching new treatments and programs that are effective and beneficial for our clients.

BM : As a qualified Health Psychologist, what is your involvement in Hadara Aesthetics Boutique?

As well as being a successful entrepreneur in founding Hadara, I also take on the role as Principal Weight Management Consultant at Hadara.  I helm the body treatment, weight management, nutritional consultations and stress management in relation to weight issues.  Currently I am also certified to do the Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD) for detoxification and relaxation.

BM : What are the most common concerns and esteem issues that you have been consulted about both prior to Hadara and since being Principal Weight Management Consultant at Hadara?

I have counselled many children and parents in my experience, and currently continue to counsel adults with weight issues. My passion is in this area, so I also counselled youths and mothers with emotional, self-image and esteem issues even though I was a stay-at-home mother, on a personal basis. Many a times, people with weight problems are more than just a weight problem. There are many emotional, environmental, esteem, and body image issues involved.

Specifically for weight management, for children, caregivers play a very important role in managing their weight. For the adults, some of the most common concerns are emotional and stress eating.

Currently, I am also involved in skincare, so now I also encounter youths and adults with esteem issues due to problem skin, some of most common concerns are acne and pigmentation.

BM : How do you best help them tackle their problems?

I have a detailed weight management programme to help those who come to me. However I feel the most important factor is motivation. I have to know the motivation for losing weight, and have a detailed analysis on their current lifestyle and habits. The solutions are customised according to the diagnosis of the problem. I target at lifestyle change, not deprivation.

BM : Do you notice a recurring background to people with such problems?

Children with weight issues usually starts with having no consistent caregivers at home to take care of what they eat, or over-indulgence from the people around them.

For adults the background are much more varied. If there are no underlying medical conditions, the recurring background for people with weight issues usually related to stress and emotional eating. There is a strong association of food with emotions, environment, culture and stress.

However having said that, I always seek to know each of them as unique individuals, and keep an open mind so that I do not jump to conclusions or stereotype them.

BM : What is the split of your patients, e.g. percentage of mums, professionals, women, men?

About 90% are female clients at the moment, from working professionals to stay at home mothers, to retirees. For the 10% men, I mainly gave them nutritional advice, the ones who came to me are more motivated by health rather than appearance (although I know it is important to them too).

BM : From a first consultation with yourself, how soon are issues being addressed and results being seen?

This does depends on the program that they subscribed to, I will start with a detailed body analysis, then go on to understand about their current lifestyle.

For those clients who requested to be on our 3-day detoxification programme cleansing, some lost from 3 kilograms to 5 kilograms.  For lifestyle change, I have customers on 21-day or 90-day program. I also have customers who started losing weight gradually after the first month. If they are suitable for using the help of technology and machines for enhanced results, I would recommend them to go through the sessions, and within the first session, they will see inches lost. I have one client who lost 8.5 centimetres around her abdominal area within one session!

BM : Is ongoing help and support essential for continuing to manage weight management and body image issues? What type of help and support?

I give a lot of help and support, especially in the areas of nutrition, motivation and emotional support. In the initial stage, my clients would need more supervision but eventually I am teaching them how to develop habits that will last for a lifetime. I am not just giving them a fish but teaching them how to fish. So regarding if ongoing help is essential, yes and no, because I do not want them to be reliant on me, but I want them to be empowered. However, I always develop a good client-counsellor relationship so they will still contact me if they need any advice even though they may have already completed the program.


If you would like to receive help, advice or treatments from Hadara Aesthetic Boutique please contact them direct at

Tel. +65 6969 3022




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