Beauty On The Go: Kose Sekkisui Now Available At 7-Eleven In Singapore


Cult brand Kose’s special collaboration line with 7-Eleven Japan, Kose Sekkisui can now be found in selected 7-Eleven stores in Singapore. 

Forget to pack your skincare products for your trip or run out of skincare at home and need to cleanse your face urgently? Just pop by into your neighbourhood 7-Eleven to pick up the products that will do the trick. They are now stocked with popular Japanese cosmetic brand Kose products in the form of Kose Sekkisui.


Not to be mixed up with Kose Sekkisei, Kose Sekkisui is a special line of products that Kose has developed exclusively for 7-Eleven Japan and it has been immensely popular in Japan ever since its launch and is now the best-selling skincare product in 7-Eleven Japan. The line includes a special blend of Japanese herbs and coix seed extracts that help revitalise and brighten the skin, and for the longest time, many Singaporeans have gone to Japan just to get their hands on this series. This is now a thing of the past with the products now available at your local neighbourhood 7-Eleven.


From left: Sekkisui White Washing Cream (S$6.90, 80g; S$8.90, 120g), Sekkisui Skincare Set (S$17), Sekkisui Brightening Emulsion (S$13.90, 60ml), Sekkisui Brightening Lotion (S$12.90, 60ml)

The product range in Singapore consists of five products. The Sekkisui White Washing Cream (S$6.90, 80g; S$8.90, 120g) is a cleanser that you are supposed to lather up into a creamy foam with water before applying it on your face, and let us vouch for its ability to produce lots of foam. It removes dullness and old skin cells, and cleanses pores.

To be applied next in your skincare routine is the Sekkisui Brightening Lotion (S$12.90, 60ml), which soothes any roughness of the skin and prevents dryness, and the Sekkisui Brightening Emulsion (S$13.90, 60ml) that moisturises and softens the skin.


Sekkisui Moisturising Radiance Mask (S$4.50, 1 piece; S$12.90, 4 pieces)

If your skin needs an extra boost, get the Sekkisui Moisturising Radiance Mask (S$4.50, 1 piece; S$12.90, 4 pieces). Slap it onto your face for no longer than 20 minutes to clear and freshen up your complexion.

To try out the products before committing to getting the full size or if you need a travel-friendly skincare set, get the Sekkisui Skincare Set (S$17). It consists of 24-28ml sized bottles of the White Washing Cream, Brightening Lotion and Brightening Emulsion, as well as Moisturising Cleansing Oil, which you can only get when you purchase the set.

The Kose Sekkisui range is now available at 280 7-Eleven stores islandwide. For more information about Kose Sekkisui and its availability at your nearest 7-Eleven, visit


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