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Few weeks ago, we had the privilege to speak to Ed Dailey, an inspiring man who has had more than 20 years of experience in a variety of fields, particularly in nursing and yoga! He translated his passion into action and was a crucial figure in the successful implementation of two integrative therapy programs at UConn Health Center and Sacred Heart Hospital in Destin, Florida.

We kicked off to a great start. The interview room was infused with a calming scent from the essential oil, and we learnt so much about Young Living’s essential oils over glasses of the Ning Xia Red, their special mixed berry juice which we loved for its refreshing taste and of course, its various health benefits!

1. How did you discover the wonders of using of essential oils in yoga, and how important are they in the practice of yoga?

All along I had been interested in the the area of health and wellness. Having experimented with many brands of essential oils, I eventually found Young Living Essential Oils, and I have been using it ever since. What sets Young Living’s essential oils apart from the rest was its seed-to-seal approach in the production of the oils. The whole distillation process was extremely pure. I also liked that their essential oils are all naturally harvested and retrieved, and Young Living also offers a wide range of essential oils. Essential oils elevate the yoga experience. Simply putting a few drops of it in a diffuser and inhaling it helps us to relax our bodies even further.

2. What were some of the setbacks you have faced in pushing for the implementation of this program, and when it was first implemented? How did you solve the problems you faced?

Frankly speaking, there was no pushback on the idea at all and the implementation was done smoothly! It was not just about the idea, but more of knowing how to talk the language. It was about focusing on the issue of patients’ satisfaction. To this, doctors also realized the limitations within their practice and were receptive to the idea of natural healing and integration of self care out of the current healthcare process. Of course, there was some skepticism as to whether the inclusion of yoga would help the patients, but we just got to keep going on. After all, the patients are at the heart of what we are doing and at the end of it we have seen that incorporating yoga has indeed benefitted the recovery process.

3. What advice do you have, for ladies out there who are too busy to practice yoga?

For me, something is only an issue in the absence of its value, and yoga definitely enhances their wellbeing and quality of life altogether. Even 10-15 minutes everyday goes a long way! As we age, it becomes increasingly important to keep ourselves strong and mobile! Yoga aids in digestion and is a good way to keep us away from inviting more problems to ourselves!

4. What are your hopes for this integrative yoga program? Do you see the possibility of including additional elements to it?

Sometimes, it is important to understand that more isn’t always better. For now, the elements in the program complements each other very well and get the patients into a state of relaxation which is just what we were trying to achieve! I feel that it is important to also educate people on the area of health and wellness. Young Living has been passionate in doing so, and we will be holding our second edition of the RevOILution Wellness Expo in Singapore! We hope that through this exhibition that features all-day free workshops and fitness classes, people would become more aware of their own well-being!

After this informative session, we are definitely running to pack our yoga mats for a good sweat!


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