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Worldwide, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and people everywhere will wear pink ribbon pins, walk pink ribbon walks, buy pink ribbon products and give generously to this well-deserving cause for the awareness of breast cancer. Join us as we give support to breast cancer awareness in Singapore this month of October and join people worldwide to make this October 2015 one of the most successful Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns : We’re stronger together!

Recently, a study of over 6000 women in 13 countries across Asia Pacific – including Singapore – was commissioned. Results were surprising and it is clear that women are not taking enough action to protect themselves, and still do not know nearly enough about this cancer. Below are the findings.

Are the women of Singapore fully aware of breast cancer issues?:-

  • The majority (68%) claim that they are familiar with breast cancer (symptoms, causes, treatment, etc)
  • 3 in 4 are aware that a family history of cancer increases the risk of developing breast cancer. However, familiarity of other risk factors is not very high
    Singaporean women are not likely to believe in breast cancer myths, but a few still do;
  • 14% think mastectomy is the only way to get rid of the disease
  • 11% believe that wearing underwired bras can cause breast cancer
  • 10% think only mature women aged 40 and above will develop breast cancer
  • 32% still believe that breast cancer always comes in the form a lump
  • Apart from lumps, the majority (61%) also know that nipple discharge is a symptom of breast cancer, while close to half (47%) also recognise swelling on one side of the breast as a symptom.

When it comes to talk about breast examination:-

  • Only 5% are very confident about their knowledge of breast self-examination
  • Only 34% do a breast self-check at least once a month and month them, fewer than half know how to do it properly. Overall, when shown the correct procedure to do a breast self-examination, only 30% said it matched exactly what they knew
  • Moreover, half of Singaporean women do not know when to conduct a self-check (29% said no specific date of the month while 22% have no idea at all)
  • 20% have never conducted a self-check
  • Those who do not examine their own breasts cite the lack of knowledge of how (42%) and lack of need (41%) as key reasons.

If a woman notices change or is concerned about breast cancer, will she share the information?:-

  • Only 38% would tell someone if they found potential issues with their breasts, one of the lowest sharing tendencies in Asia (28% husband/partner, 14% parents, 10% friend)
  • More than half are NOT willing to share their experiences with others to help fight breast cancer, but more than half (52%) also say that hearing other people’s experiences would push them to take action against breast cancer.

How the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign helps

  • The majority would take action as a result of seeing breast cancer awareness campaigns!
    The survey and study was commissioned by The Estee Lauder Companies.

What’s Happening in Singapore this October Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

  • Pink landmark illuminations of Merlion at Sentosa on 15th October 2015
  • Pink Ribbon products averrable at all major retailers with proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation
  • Post a Pink Ribbon image on social media showing your support and share how you will take action in the fight against Breast Cancer. Every Action Counts and can make a difference #BCAstrength

Just one way you can help is to shop at where 50c from products featuring in their LAZADA LOVES PINK campaign will go directly to Singapore Cancer Society to help support breast cancer.

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