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Body Shop Drops of Light Range

A review on The Body Shop’s Drops of Light range

If your skin has been in need of some tender loving care, try The Body Shop’s latest skincare range, Drops of Light.  Created for a total skin-brightening experience, this new collection is suited for sensitive skin too.

The Low Down

We tried three of the products, namely the Pure Translucency Essence Lotion ($32.90), the Pure Healthy Brightening Serum ($43.90), and the Pure Healthy Brightening Day Cream ($39.90). On first impression, I liked how the products were very lightweight on the skin- the serum and lotion were absorbed almost instantly!

The Body Shop Drops of Light

Pure Translucency Essence Lotion ($32.90/160ml)

With an interesting gel to water consistency, this translucent essence preps the skin for the next skincare step after cleansing. Made with red algae and Vitamin C, which are known for their brightening properties, the toner is one of the most lightweight and refreshing ones I’ve ever tried, making it my favourite of the bunch.

Body Shop Drops of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum

Pure Healthy Brightening Serum ($43.90/30ml)

The watery texture makes this serum a breeze to apply- simply massage one or two drops into the skin. What’s more, the serum was absorbed pretty quickly, leaving behind an illuminated, dewy-looking face ready for the day! Although not as intense in hydration as The Body Shop’s Youth Concentrate (a top favourite) from the Drops of Youth Range, I like how it complements my current skincare routine and gives my skin a boost of moisture.

Body Shop Drops of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Day Cream.jpg

Pure Healthy Brightening Day Cream ($39.90/50ml)

After applying serum, the next step is to lock in the hydration with a moisturizing day cream. Because I generally prefer gel moisturizers for the humid climate, I would recommend this cream for those with dry or combination skin. Yet, this is still a great pick for those seeking an affordable, easy-to-apply, lightweight moisturizer that sets the face well for the rest of the day.


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