Cannabis 101: Understanding Fundamental Terms (Part 3)


Cannabis 101: Understanding Fundamental Terms (Part 3)

Individuals who are not used to cannabis would end up scraping their heads upon hearing or reading news that mention cannabis-related terms. So we acknowledge so it can be confusing often. Particularly when slang and medical terminology can be bought in.

Therefore we have actually show up with a list of typical terms and terms found in news tales and articles centering on marijuana. It will allow you to differentiate one term or one slang from another, also to understand more complex terms.


Ganja is just a Hindi term for cannabis.

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Cannabis could be the generic term used to reference the plant genus that creates different types of flowering natural natural herbs, including cannabis indica, cannabis sativa, and cannabis ruderalis. Cannabis will come in three forms that are main cannabis, hash oil, and hashish. Cannabis could be inhaled through bongs and vapers, smoked in joints, or blended with edibles like brownies, snacks, and also beverages.


Marijuana is the basic term utilized for the feminine cannabis plant and for its dried flowers. Feminine flowers are distinct through the male in that these are typically The ones that produce flowers, and flowers contain the amount that is most of cannabinoids.


Weed is a slang term for cannabis.


Pot is a slang term for cannabis. Its possibly produced by the Spanish word for cannabis, potiguaya, that will be additionally based on the expression potacion de guaya.

Mary Jane

Mary Jane is yet another slang title for cannabis.


Hemp relates to a cannabis sativa plant typically cultivated for industrial purposes like natural oils, topical creams, if not as fiber for rope, paper, clothes, and much more applications which do not include intoxication. The focus for growing this obviously high-growing sativa plant is maybe not on creating buds but instead on building the length of its stalk for fiber manufacturing. Hemp has low THC amounts and CBD that is high.


Joint is marijuana-filled smoke. Its rolled up by hand making use of rolling documents.


Hooter is an old-school term referring to joint.


A doobie is just a slang word for joint.

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Pre-roll is a widely used term talking about a pre-rolled joint.


Heirloom refers to cannabis of a local variety that was extracted from its land of beginning or indigenous land then propagated in yet another geographical location but while keeping its initial genetics. The strain is in other words pure and it has never ever been crossed and has now constantly grown in its normal environment.


Landrace relates to a cannabis stress that is native to a particular geographic location. The landrace is consequently unique as this strain can undertake particular traits or qualities which can be most suitable for the particular area where it develops. Many cannabis plant hybrids are really a crossbreed of various types of landraces.


Endo, also spelled Indo, relates to top-notch cannabis with premium buds. When the cannabis flower is treated by hanging it upside down from the line, its base tips accumulate the essential resins and crystals.


Kush is just a subset of cannabis indica varieties that is bred from descendants of strains that started in Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush hill range, in Asia, as well as in Pakistan.


Sensimilla could be the Spanish term for “without seed” and it is the word that is slang discussing high quality dried cannabis.

Shatter or Ice

Shatter or ice is just an expressed term talking about Butane Hash Oil that’s processed in Slightly ways that are different they may not be too waxy.


A slang talking about an ounce of marijuana.


Toker is somebody who smokes weed.


QP is just a slang term for one fourth pound — or 4 ounces of 113.39 grms — of weed.


Laced is a word explaining cannabis that is blended with cocaine, meth, or another road medication.


A dispensary is a location offering appropriate medical cannabis to clients.


Dank is a popular term explaining a really high-grade cannabis.


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