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This latest smart watch has far more to it than being ‘just another smart watch!’ The COGITO POP effortlessly combines fun and functionality and takes the technology of the 21st century to meet the classic analog movement and gives it a fashionable twist.

Having been a wearer of the COGITO POP for a short time now, we truly believe this is the release we need from the binds of our mobile devices. When your COGITO POP watch is connected via Bluetooth to your mobile device, in our instance our iphone, we can stay connected without the need of holding onto our phone for constant checking and life support!

When we enter the COGITO app, we can choose the preference of notifications we need to receive, so any important or much-needed notifications will show up on our watch. On the COGITO POP watch face, we will see a small blinking logo or hear the added sound notification too. There’s no endless checking of our mobile phone when awaiting that important email and most definitely no need for taking ‘one last check’ on social media sites to find out who liked our ‘oh so interesting’ status! In fact, our phone can stay in our bag while we enjoy dinner and stay out of arms way while we catch up on the day with our loved ones.

What’s more, the COGITO POP is made for the active, sporty lady who needs to stay connected too. Wear your COGITO POP watch in the gym or when you swim, the watch strap stays comfortable even when you are working up a sweat and the watch itself is water resistant of up to 10 ATM so taking a cooling dip and staying connected is possible.

More fabulous features of the COGITO POP watch are:-

  • The ability to remotely trigger your phone’s camera for the necessary selfie or wefie,
  • Control your music (perfect to skip forward a tune or two), and
  • Even locate your phone.


Interesting Fact about the COGITO POP

The COGITO POP name is inspired by French philosopher René Descartes’ famed statement “cogito ergo sum” or “je pense, donc je suis” meaning “I think, therefore I am”. COGITO_POP_6_01

COGITO POP is currently available in six fashion and fun connected colours, choose from Raspberry Crush, White Crisp, Grey Paloma, Blue Electric, Black Panther and Black Mamba.

COGITO POP is the markets most affordable smart watch keep fashion and fun, connected from just S$179

COGITO POP is currently available at the following locations:-
Raffles City Shopping Centre B1-42B and Westgate Mall 01-K2


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