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Contact lens choices are increasing all of the time, from the once ‘need them to see’ contact lenses, which saw us ditching our specs and losing the frames, we now find colour enhancing lenses as we as weekly or daily lens choices.

With so much choice, where to start when we are looking to buy our contact lenses?  We take some choices and give you our view on contact lenses tried and tested.

SEED 1 day Pure Moisture and 1 day UV words by Cheryl Chia

SEED Japanese contact lenses are probably one of the best dailies I have ever used. Especially the SEED 1 day Pure Moisture range that is super comfortable.  I am guilty of wearing my lenses for longer than I should (i.e. 8 to 12 hours) and my eyes are screaming in pain in the afternoons with my usual monthlies. But the SEED 1 day Pure Moisture range did not dry out my eyes and it is so thin I barely felt it in my eye. These clear lenses have a 58% water content.

The Eye Coffret 1 Day UV from SEED was another story, even though the three subtle shades added a slight enhancement to my look the 38% water content was hard to get use to after using the former.

I would suggest wearing this one for shorter hours and the clear ones for long wear. Clear lenses allow more oxygen to permeate saving you from dry eyes.

SEED Eye Coffret 1-Day UVWords by Fitri Handa Yani

The new SEED Eye Coffret 1-Day UV is developed to blend in with the natural eye-colour of Asian consumers to brighten the eyes without them appearing too unnatural. Each pair contains a unique absorber that significantly reduces the absorption of harmful UV rays and its unique Colouration Mechanism has successfully concealed the colourant within the contact lens base material to ensure highest level of product and comfort.

There are three different colours: The Base Make, The Natural Make and The Rich Make to choose from to complement your outfit and to suit your mood. I decided to try on the The Base Make (image of eye above) which is designed for users looking for a comfortable fit. If you are a frequent wearer of cosmetic lenses, you will understand the pain of not being able to see very clearly and the dryness of the eyes at end of the day. To my surprise, the expected discomfort was not there when I first put on the SEED Eye Coffret 1-Day UV. It not only moisturises my eyes, it keeps my eyes bright and clear throughout the day. This new creation is really a heaven-made product that blends comfort with style.

If you prefer comfort to anything else, SEED 1dayPure moisture daily contact lens will satisfy your need. It retains more water to keep your eyes moist and comfortable for long hours.

The new SEED Eye Coffret 1-Day UV is priced at SGD 23.00 for a box of 10 pieces and SGD 60.00 for a box of 30 lenses. They are now available at leading premium optical stores worldwide.

SEED 1-Day Pure Moisture is priced at SGD 60.00 for a box 32.



First up, we ask; What is Beauty Step Zero?  Velda Tan, the Singapore Brand Advocate explains;

“We all want to leave a lasting impression, but beauty should be effortless and natural.  1-day Acuvue Define with Lacreon accentuates my eyes and makes them look more captivating and alive.  With a wardrobe of choices from Natural Shine, Accent Style or Vivid Style, I can choose a style to complement my look.  Acuvue Define is my Beauty Step Zero secret I never leave home without!”

Velda Tan also adds that her Beauty Step Zero secret also keeps her eyes moist all day long and gives her eyes a sparkle too.

Of course, Acuvue do not compromise on eye health when adding this ‘beauty’ range to their brand.  In fact, Acuvue is the only beauty lens that meets international standards for UV Block, providing UV Protection for the eyes and, as we would expect from Acuvue, safety is always at the forefront with unique Beauty-Wrapped-In-Comfort™ (BWIC™) Technology which prevents colourants from coming into contact with the eyes.

Acuvue Define with Lacreon are available at leading optical stores.  For current promotion prices, click HERE


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