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Planning your office space or work space is not something to rush into, you need to create the most practical and inspiring area that works for you and your work purpose.  Not only your office area and desk in your corner of the busy office but if you have a home office space, you need things around you that inspire productivity and creativity.

From choosing the best space in the house for productive space to choosing the notebook and pen that will take you from meeting to desk and back again, here are our top tips to creating your home office space:-

  • Choose a room that is light and airy and is a nice space you want to spend time in,
  • Choose a desk that works for your purpose, measure carefully to choose the correct desk height that works for you, do ensure the desk is large enough to house all of your needs and necessities,
  • Be comfortable, a hard chair is not going to inspire you to sit and work happily all day long.  Choose a fully adjustable seat; height, back support etc, many back and posture problems are caused by overworking at an uncomfortable desk.
  • Keep items close to hand that you use often; storage shelves or storage drawers below or by your desk are ideal for this purpose, but keep items such as pens in pen pots on your desk and note pads close to hand for ease.
  • If you use tablets and smart phones for note taking or reference then invest in a cover that can be used as a stand for ease of reading while sat at your desk typing or taking notes.
  • Choose a nice storage box where you can keep all messy wires and charges close to hand, you don’t want wires to clutter up your work space.

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Scents – inspire creativity, keep the mind on work and relieve stress

Not simply about clearing the area and having a beautiful scent wafting around your office, scents and fragrances in your office space and add to productivity too.  Did you know that scents such as Lemongrass and Ginger will keep the mind alert and refresh the senses, perfect to keep the creative juices flowing.  May we recommend a homegrown Singapore brand, Mt. Sapola as your next stop to pick up some inspiring scents or even some stress reliving fragrance for your office space of home office work space.

You can see full produce lists by Mt. Sapola HERE8ot0He0oY-bZbY0dw577pLYYJznCJxr6K9SOwVTI9o4

Stationery – colourful, happy, useful sizing, happy designs, fun styles and practical pieces

We like kikki.K for filling our desk with beautiful accessories and much needed practical items.  kikki.K features happy designs, colourful pieces and every item we need on our home office desk.  Be Brave collection – like a butterfly, the collection features beautifully delicate and soft designs which are bold enough to see us conquer the world.  We love the unique hand painted watercolour washes and gilt hand-drawn script work together to create a whimsically feminine touch in a chic palette of pink, peach and light blue.

The one-stop purchase at kikki.K in creating your home office should be the Stationery kit.  This kikki.K Stationery Kit includes; gold glitter tape, bulldog clips, paperclips, eraser, sharpener, pencils, adhesive notepad for a truly stylish set up at work.

For journals, pens, pencil cases, travel document wallets and so much, kikki.K has us covered in our home office as well as popping out to meetings or jetting off on business trips.


To add the stylish homewares to your home office, we are lusting over the Golds and Metallic Copper designs of the Svenska Hem – Stilla collection (available October 2015).  Glass water bottles and matching glass, teapot and cup & saucer too which are sure to impress a visiting client.

kikki.K is available at ION Orchard, Shop 44-46, B2

kikki.K is also available online HERE


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