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Earlier this year, we embarked on a mission to declutter, organise and free up some valuable space at home.  We took a while to declutter the store room, packed up seldom used items and stored everything at our nearest Extra Space self storage facility. Now, we are breathing in the clean, fresh, bright space and enjoying our new found organised place.

What our home lacked was a much needed laundry room; somewhere to, not only store the ironing board, house the iron, put the unused clothes hangers and washing baskets, but also an area that would be a pleasant room to iron and stay organised on laundry days. We wanted to bid farewell to our cluttered store that spilled onto the yard area (making laundry days even more of a chore than necessary). We decided our cluttered store room could be put to much more use and took up the opportunity of renting a self storage space at Extra Space.

Our Seasonal decorations, holiday luggage, seldom used party wear and extra seating were all packed up and sent on their way to one of the storage units at Extra Space self storage. Extra Space have 7 storage facilities in Singapore (Boon Keng Road, Eunos Link, IMM Building, Marymount Road, Kallang Way, West Coast) we chose our nearest location at Boon Keng Road and were very satisfied with customer service, cleanliness and storage size options.


Secure storage at Extra Space : all you need to provide is your own lock

With everything secured and stored at Extra Space self storage, we find our extra space that will make for a perfect laundry room;  finally we are freeing up valuable space. With a little imagination, planning and design our laundry room is complete and (honestly) laundry days are so much more enjoyable now that we have our organised space and a place to sort through washing and ironing as well as store our laundry related products.

We think that’s a job well done!  What can Extra Space self storage help you create with that cluttered store room?

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