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Workout clothing, check.  Running footwear, check.  Playlist, check.  Sport Headphones, ?  If your fitness routine and sporting performance lack that little something, then you might want to check out these sports headphones.  We give you energising sound for the ultimate sporting performance!


Sennheiser’s new range of sports headphones are designed for people with a passion for sport

The audio specialist’s new MX 686 SPORTS, CX 686 SPORTS, PMX 686 SPORTS and OCX 686 SPORTS combine sound, performance and ergonomic design.

Daniel Chee, product manager at Sennheiser, said, ‘Our new SPORTS headphones have been built on Sennheiser’s passion for sound and insight into the impact and challenges of extreme movement on audio, comfort and fit – all of which guided the design and selection of materials.’

He added, ‘Like all great sporting achievements, it’s this fusion of technique and passion that delivers the ultimate performance – an energizing sound that helps you reach your own personal best.’

Sennheiser commissioned research studies with leading universities to best understand the impacts that extreme sports movement have on the sound and fit of headphones. Featuring high-tech materials carefully selected to ensure comfort, water resistance, durability and hygiene, the new SPORTS headphones deliver energizing sound with an excellent fit and significantly reduced noise from wind or from contact with clothes. All models include an integrated smartphone remote and microphone that allows easy controlling of volume, tracks and calls when exercising.

The SPORTS range comprises both open and closed acoustic designs to suit different activities. The MX 686 SPORTS and PMX 686 SPORTS feature open acoustics, allowing for a better awareness of external sounds, making it ideal for sports such as running.

The CX 686 SPORTS and OCX 686 SPORTS have closed ear-canal designs, which are good for indoor exercise as they shield out noise distractions in environments such as gyms.

Sennheiser’s new range of SPORTS headphones have arrived on our sunny shores. The Android variants are available at the Sennheiser Concept Store at Marina Square and authorised retailers while the Apple iOS variants are available in stores after June 2015.

For more information visit www.sennheiser.com.



Get upbeat with the latest LOTS earphones


For CD-quality music on the go, the LOTS Upbeat earphones offer affordability without compromising on technology.

The LOTS LTB-2000 features a standby time of 150 hours or a continuous music playback time of five hours. It is easily charged by USB through its charging clip whilst its Bluetooth means you can say goodbye to tangled cables.


Sport ear cushions add stability during workouts while Comply foam tips provide maximum comfort for day-to-day activities, as well as delivering premium sound quality. At 13.2g it is ultra-light, easy to carry around and protected by a trendy red-zippered black casing that comes with each package.


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