Fit For Fashion: Packing a Punch


Jess Punch Fit for Fashion

She has struggled with self-doubt and lack of confidence

Fit For Fashion contestant Jess Punch may have packed a punch in the reality TV show, but for most of her life she has struggled with self-doubt and lack of confidence. She talks to us about overcoming her insecurities and finding happiness.

After watching the first series of Fit For Fashion, Australian born Jess was inspired. The 26-year-old is passionate about fitness and fashion, and felt the show was just the opportunity she needed to finally break down the barriers of insecurity.

“I knew that this show would be the perfect avenue to grow and push my limits while breaking down walls of insecurity,’ Jess says. ‘It’s certainly been life changing and eye opening.”

Jess, who now lives in Singapore, was determined to work hard, but there was just one problem. “The thing that I struggled with was overcoming my own self-doubt. From day one, seeing how strong and fast the other contestants were was intimidating, but I turned the intimidation into motivation. I thought it’s not about what you can already do, it’s about pushing your limits and overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”

This positive attitude has worked. Over the course of the show, Jess has taken on a variety of challenges including the heart and soul challenge in episode five and the Hollywood glamour photoshoot, two of her favourite tasks.  “Our team won the heart and soul challenge,” Jess says. “We had the opportunity to read letters from our families back home and that gave me the strength to push through to the end.”

Slowly, as the weeks progressed Jess’ confidence improved. She started to believe in herself.

“The fire inside me grew stronger and the self-doubt faded. I had faith, was focused and ready to take on anything that was coming my way.”

Despite the doubts and insecurities, Jess was amazed at her transformation. “I went into the competition harbouring a lot of insecurities but realised that to have belief in how far I could go, I needed to love and respect myself before anything else could change. I think the judges could see my determination and realised I wasn’t giving up no matter what.”

For someone who was bullied as a child, this was a huge change, but one that Jess feels anyone can make. “To make a change in anything, it starts with you. There’s no secret, no perfect time or day, but to just change your mind and think positive.

“Excuses will only hold you back, you need to be prepared to throw them away and do whatever it takes to find your happiness. We all know that sometimes life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, but if you invest your energy into growth and focus on the good, your life will start to change.”

Now that the show’s over, Jess has decided to train as a yoga teacher, but more than anything wants to keep performing. Whatever her future holds, she’s determined that her doubts will never hold her back.  “I am not so hard on myself now, and I allow myself to be proud of every achievement I make, big or small.”


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