For The Brave: Honor Officially Makes Its Singapore Debut


The phone of the young, trendier and more affordable sub-brand of Huawei, Honor, is now officially available in Singapore

In the world of smartphones, no longer in the scene just dominated by one or two big brands, especially with the rise of the China smartphone makers. Huawei, for one, is definitely a name that anyone using a smartphone would have heard of recently, especially with their three-camera Huawei P20 Pro, which made its splashy debut to raving reviews. It is after all the first smartphone with triple cameras–China once again proving its belief that the more the better.

But at S$1,148, though it is cheaper than the flagship phone of its key competitors, it is still a hefty sum to fork out. If only there were something that was cheaper but still packed with the same hardware that makes the Huawei, well as Huawei.

Enter Honor. What’s that you may ask. Well, it’s the cheaper but no less powerful sub-brand of Huawei group that was launched in 2013. After making huge waves in the China market, and subsequently several Asian countries and in the West, it has made its way to our sunny shores.

So what is in the line-up of the Honor phones that are hitting Singapore?


Honor View10

First-up, the flagship phone Honor View10. It boasts of a 20MP monochrome + 16MP RGB dual lens rear camera with F1.8 aperture. It also harnesses the power of AI technology to understand the user and anticipate user behaviour to allow the phone to run at optimal performance. Save for the lack of a Leica branded lens, it sure sounds like this is a phone that is powerpacked. That and perhaps a slightly less luxe outside appearance compared to the Huawei P20 Pro.

Perhaps what is most telling of its pedigree is the wins it logged at CES 2018 – seven in total. And it’s all available for a pocket-friendly price of just S$599.

If that is still too much, there are another two other phones in the range that has been just brought into Singapore.


Honor 7X

Honor 7X also brings you a dual lens camera–16MP +2MP rear camera with large aperture (F/0.95 – F/16). The front camera is a 8MP that has effects function, portrait selfie mode and a gesture control function. It is powered by the Kirin 659 octa-core 2.35GHz processor and 4GB of RAM and has a split-screen function that users may appreciate. All this comes at a price of S$309.


Honor 9 Lite

The last in the line up is the Honor 9 Lite, which boasts of quad-lens cameras. Its processor is as powerful as the Honor 7X, though it has just a 3GB memory. The AI technology it boasts is at the same level as that of the Honor View10, so expecting efficiency on this phone is a given. With glacier grey and sapphire blue to choose from, it’s something that even the budget conscious will nod to with its price tag of S$259.

So should you get one? Well the phone has been met with really good review in the European markets it has made it has debuted in and at nearly half the price of a lot of flagship phones that other brands are boasting, it seems to certainly fit the bill for those who are looking for cheaper options, without sacrificing too much on functionality and cameras.

Only time and some testing will tell if this is a phone for the keeps, but even then, with its cheapest model at less than S$300, it is certainly a good alternative for even just someone who needs a smartphone that doesn’t need to have all the bells and whistles attached.

The Honor View10, Honor 7X and Honor 9 Lite is available at selected Challenger outlets, authorised retail partners and e-tailers, including, and All phones come with a one year warranty period.


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