Go Wireless With Your Headphones With JBL


Wires can be a cumbersome thing as they get in your way especially if you are on the go or exercising. Imagine plugging into your favourite music and enjoying a song. Suddenly the tunes that you are bopping your head to comes to an abrupt stop as your hands suddenly get in the way and your earphone buds are yanked out of your ears.

To put a stop to such scenarios, JBL is encouraging everyone to go wire with the #JBLGoWireless. Say goodbye to tangled wires and fumbling to get decent music as you are on the go with these three wireless earphones from JBL.


With easy access to controls and convenient Bluetooth streaming, this ergonomically designed headphone with a neckband cable will stay comfortably on the neck for long-lasting listening pleasure.

JBL Reflect Fit

It’s sporty exterior suits its key purpose – a sturdy headphone design that stays in place no matter how vigorously you move. It also comes with an inbuilt heart rate monitor.

JBL Free

If you are looking for something that is practically invisible and has absolutely no wires, the JBL is what you are looking for. Sleek and elegant, the people around you will barely even realised that you are plugged in, and it comes with a charging case that replenishes your JBL Free’s battery whenever you aren’t using it.

The JBLT110BT, JBL Reflect Fit and JBL Free are available for S$59.90, S$199 and S$249 at www.jbl.com.sg.


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