Goldheart Celestial® Star Rainbow Collection


Goldheart Celestial Star Rainbow


Do you sometimes find yourself decked out in solid shades, wishing for a pop of colour to jazz up your outfit? Goldheart might just have the thing you need.

This July, in celebration of its iconic Celestial® diamonds, Goldheart debuts its first ever enamel collection, the Celestial® Star Rainbow Collection. Inspired by the lunar rainbow, otherwise known as the moonbow, this modern pendant collection comes in all the brilliant colours of the rainbow for you to choose from, and more.

To make things even more exciting, the collection is available in four different geometric shapes – square, triangle, rectangle and a cross. The combination of colours and shapes should give discerning dressers more than enough ways to colour up their look.

“TheCelestial® Star Rainbow Collection is designed to appeal to modern women who love a touch of colour in their
jewellery and have much appreciation for the supreme luminosity and brilliance of the Celestial® diamonds,” enthused
Ms Iris Tan, Assistant Brand Manager, Goldheart Jewelry Pte Ltd.

Goldheart’s Celestial® diamonds are well known for their supreme luminosity. They possess the world’s first 73-facet starburst cut, making them unique dazzlers that shine like night sky’s brightest stars.

These Celestial® diamonds and the Celestial® Star Rainbow enamel pendant collection perfectly complement one another as the alluring diamonds encircle the pendants like a beautiful halo.

This vibrant collection reinforces Goldheart’s mantra of luxury with meaning, allowing you to express your individuality and creativity with a customized Celestial® Star Rainbow pendant in the shape and colour of your own choosing.

So go ahead, shine like a diamond and dazzle like the rainbow. Drop by a Goldheart boutique today and pick out that Celestial® Star Rainbow pendent that catches your eyes and steals your heart.

The Celestial Start Rainbow Collection is now available at most Goldheart boutiques.  For more details, 
please go to
Available colours – Red, Orange Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Back and White.


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