Harnessing The Natural Superpower Of Apples: Antioxidant Supplement Renovatio


The old adage goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, The saying dates back as far as the 1860s, and apples have always been well-known for their healthy properties.

Renovatio founder Dr Vincent Candrawinata has taken the power of apples a step further when he discovered Activated Phenolics through a unique anti-oxidant extraction technology. Activated Phenolics is a broad spectrum antioxidant (containing eight antioxidant types) that boasts of a spectrum of benefits for the human body and it has a 90 percent absorption rate in the body. Most importantly, it is 100 per cent naturally derived – no chemicals or artificial fillers are involved, just Australian apples and water.


Dr Vincent Candrawinata in the lab

The benefits of Activated Phenolics include: boosting and sustaining energy, increased efficiency of the body’s cellular activities, maintaining bodily functions and speeding up recovery from diseases. You can read about the testimonies of consumers of Renovatio on their Facebook page, but perhaps the best testimony of the product is from Dr Vincent himself. His grandmother was supposed to undergo a knee replacement surgery but opted out of it. She then took to powder diligently for a few months and as later able to walk without difficulty while visiting Dr Vincent in Australia, walking distances of 2km each time.


Renovatio has two products that let you easily enjoy the benefits that Activated Phenolics can have for you: Activated Phenolics Powder (800g, S$72) and An Apple A Day Activated Phenolics Tablets (30 tablets, S$42).


Activated Phenolics Powder (800g, S$72)

Open a bottle of Activated Phenolics Powder and you’ll be instantly hit by the strong but not overwhelming scent of the powder, and it smells exactly like apples. One teaspoon full of the powder contains the antioxidant potency of 2kg of apples, with one to four teaspoons a day recommended. Its powder form means that you can easily mix it into your drinks or food. Activated Phenolics Powder is safe for children two and above to consume, and mix it into their morning drink, and they’ll hardly be able to tell that it’s there, unlike most other supplements.


An Apple A Day Activated Phenolics Tablets (30 tablets, S$42)

If you’ll rather have a more convenient way to take it, choose the An Apple A Day Activated Phenolics Tablets. All the benefits are contained within a handy tablet and it’s easy to take it while on the go or travelling.

APSKIN Face Cream (100ml, S$49)

There’s one other product that Renovatio retails, APSKIN Face Cream (100ml, S$49). This product was made after an initial request by a customer to Dr Vincent for a salve made from Activated Phenolics Powder as a solution for a severe sunburn that the customer had gotten. The salve worked wonders and this led to the invention of APSkin Face Cream.

Suitable for a wide range of skin types, it nourishes skin at the cellular level by preserving elastin and collagen structures, and it hydrates and improves complexion. The cream is absorbed easily into the skin and it leaves behind lovely apple scent. We’ve also been told that some parents use it as a substitute for nappy cream as it is gentle and moisturises the skin.

Get the benefits that apples have to offer to your body by purchasing Renovatio at biovida.com and selected healthcare retailers including Supernature and Nutrimax Organic.


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