How Far Do We Let Our Men Go When It Comes To Grooming?


Male Grooming

When it comes to grooming, most men have little choice for their grooming tools and have to resort to using a wet shaver or trimmer for removing body hair. While these methods work, they have multiple disadvantages such as the annoyance of ingrown hairs, risk of cuts, itching and skin irritations. In addition, while body hair waxing studios are open to all genders, not every guy may be comfortable to have their body hair to be removed by someone, especially around the intimate regions, even if the person is professionally-trained.

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Mark Stanlein

With close to 20 years of experience working in the beauty industry for brands including Shiseido, La Mer, Bobbi Brown, Jo Malone, Crabtree & Evelyn, Maria Galland, Mark joined NO HAIR CREW in 2019 with a deep understanding on what today’s consumers want. Above its utility, he believes that it is more important for a product to have a philosophy that shares its brand values with the consumers. 

In the past, males with facial hair or body hair around their chestal region may be perceived to be more ‘manly’. However, hair removal, once reserved for women, swimmers or bodybuilders, has become a massive male grooming trend in recent times. Today’s men want a choice in their grooming tools and products that are specifically designed for them, instead of a female brand with a ‘for men’ label attached. 

“Hairless underarms and chest are fast becoming the norm and appreciated by both partners and bystanders alike. Whereas the intimate regions, especially for guys, are becoming part and parcel of personal grooming. In 2020, we can expect to see more uptakes of this trend.” Mark shared.

There are a variety of reasons why men would want to remove hair.  Some do it to get ready for a date, some do it for a sport they are passionate about, some do it to have the desired look, some do it to show off a tattoo or for hygiene purposes. Others may just want to enjoy the pleasant feeling of smooth skin, be more attractive for their partner, or simply ‘just because they can’. Conceived by a group of fitness and health enthusiasts in Switzerland, NO HAIR CREW answers to and empowers these needs.

Mark shared, “NO HAIR CREW products are created by men with men as the primary focus. For men’s skin type, especially for certain parts in the intimate regions where the skin is very delicate, our Intimate Hair Removal Cream is specially designed to act more gently while delivering optimal strength. Without this, the quick alternative is usually shaving, which comes with multiple downsides including skin irritation, razor cuts, ingrown hair and short-term results.”


Dermatologically-tested and vegan, the two ‘Made in Spain’ products – Body Hair Removal Cream with Energizing Ginseng and Intimate Hair Removal Cream with Soothing Seaweed, combine high-performance hair removal formulas that work effectively, are easy to use, and come in premium masculine packaging.


NO HAIR CREW Body Hair Removal Cream with Energizing Ginseng

Without the need for complicated manuals to achieve the desired look, the gentle NO HAIR CREW Body Hair Removal Cream with Energizing Ginseng offers a fast, simple, convenient and pain-free way to remove body hair. Ginseng is a sweet, tonic herb that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. In skincare, it is mainly known for its anti-microbial properties that can help calm and soothe damaged or dry skin. With its soothing ingredients and proven 24-hour hydration, this product is sure to maintain a silky and soft skin for a longer period and reduces the occurrence of ingrown hairs, compared to shaving.


NO HAIR CREW Intimate Hair Removal Cream with Soothing Seaweed

There are certain areas of our body that are more sensitive and prone to pain. As such, the NO HAIR CREW Intimate Hair Removal Cream with Soothing Seaweed is an ultra-gentle, yet effective option to get rid of unwanted stubble on the most delicate and sensitive areas of a man’s body. In addition, the use of seaweed in the product also helps the skin find a natural balance and hydrate it, thanks to its ionizing elements. 

Priced at S$28.80 each, NO HAIR CREW Body Hair Removal Cream and Intimate Hair Removal Cream can be purchased from

To find out more about their products, please visit their website.


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