How To Experience France In Singapore


Repeated days of having to stay cooped in our homes may be stifling for most of us. If you’re dealing with a serious case of travel blues, why not try experiencing a different country in Singapore? Discover France culture and experiences in Singapore to star in your own version of Emily in Paris!

Catch a French Film


vOilah! French Film Festival 2020 (Photo courtesy of vOilah! France Singapore Festival)

The annual French Film Festival is back again as part of vOilah! France-Singapore Festival with an exciting line-up of 28 exclusive feature films. Organised by the Embassy of France in Singapore, in partnership with the local and French partners, the festival celebrates French storytelling through various genres, including comedy, action, romance, drama and even something for the young ones. 

“For the youngest ones, I would suggest two animated films: ‘Sam Sam’ (movie in English) and ‘Calamity’, an awarded animation feature film telling the story of a young girl full of courage and determination.” Shared  His Excellency Mr Marc Abensour, Ambassador of France to Singapore.

While the French Festival ended on 22 November 2020, you can still watch their selection of French films in the comfort of your own home through a specially curated online edition of the festival.

“For the first time, we have also decided to have films on local VOD platforms so people can enjoy French cinema from the comfort of their own home. This section is presented by both Shaw Theatres and The Projector with a specially curated selection of 12 films from the current and past editions.” He added.

D-I-Y French Cuisine


Learn how to cook French cuisine through online courses on Ti Yan Academy (Photo courtesy of vOilah! France Singapore Festival)

Join an exquisite cooking experience curated by talented French and Singaporean chefs through the online courses provided by Ti Yan Academy. All of their courses and materials are available readily online, making it easy for you to access them anywhere.

Each of their courses includes a detailed demonstration video, conducted by their renowned chefs, and detailed recipes, making the dishes easy to make even for beginners.

Mr Guillaume Dastot, Co-Founder of Ti Yan Academy, shared, “For people who are looking to be more professional, we actually have academic textbooks explaining all the different stuff about the ingredients, for instance, the temperature, etc. For beginners, we also have a messaging system that allows people to interact and to ask questions to the chefs.”

Explore French Gastronomy


Explore French gastronomy through the Garden, Plants & Spices exhibition at Singapore Botanic Gardens (Photo courtesy of vOilah! France Singapore Festival)

Famous throughout the world for being a garden city, Singapore originally served as a regional trading hub of the spice route before becoming a capital of tropical gardens. Along the way, Singapore and the region have undeniably influenced the French art of living, including its gastronomy.

Running from now till 10 January 2021, the exhibition, curated by one of France’s most renowned garden and plant expert Pascal Garbe in collaboration with the Singapore Botanic Gardens, presents emblematic plants linked to the history of Singapore and Southeast Asia and their connections with the French art of living.

Explore The Beauty Of Nature Through Photography


Les Arbres De Paris By Melisa Teo (Photo courtesy of vOilah! France Singapore Festival)

French is one of the languages where the word “culture” is designated to both matters of the mind and of nature. This is evident in the dual love of Parisians for trees and gardens, as well as books.

Just as trees need to be constantly cared for and tended to in order for them to grow in full glory, the human mind can unlock its full potential through constant learning. By turning her camera towards the trunks and leaves of Paris, Singaporean photographer Melisa Teo looks for the spiritual link between man and nature.

From now to 19 December 2020, discover Singapore in a new world through her photographs, which recognises and retains what the eye doesn’t see. By paying attention, we can learn from the most silent of beings living amongst us in this bustling capital.

Click HERE for more information on the activities catered by vOilah! France Singapore Festival.


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