Launch of Fit for Fashion in Singapore




In Fit for Fashion, which launches this week, twelve contestants will face a variety of fitness and fashion challenges that have been designed to push them to their limits. They will be guided and motivated by a team of celebrity judges which includes Louise Roe (Host), Christine Bullock (Trainer), Mitch Chilson (Trainer) and Todd Anthony Tyler (Fashion Photographer).

Over the course of ten episodes the contestants will battle it out in an attempt to win the cash prize of $100,000. Each week one contestant will be eliminated by their peers until the grand finale in December.

All of the contestants live and work in Asia in countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Mum of three Citira Corrigan is one of the twelve contestants taking on the challenge. Originally from Australia, Citira now lives in Singapore. Citira says she loves to have a good laugh, eat, dance, sing and be merry. She adds, ‘On good days I am a domestic goddess, but on bad days I can be a Miley Cyrus.’

With the focus on fashion and fitness, the show is encouraging viewers to emulate the contestants’ achievements by making fitness part of their lives. Throughout the course of the series Fit for Fashion will show how modern technology is having an impact on personal fitness regimes. Opportunities that may once have only been available for professional athletes are now accessible to ordinary individuals.

The show, which will be filmed on location at a beach resort in Malaysia, starts on Thursday October 16. It will air in Singapore and across Asia on StarWorld at 9.40pm (GMT +8, SG & KL time) and thereafter weekly at the same time. The first repeats will be on Sundays at 8.45pm and at 9.40pm from2nd November onwards. The second repeats are every Friday at 3.25pm.

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