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The Body Shop British Rose

The Body Shop kicked off the new year by introducing a spanking range- the British Rose collection- available in stores now!  Launched in celebration of the company’s 40th anniversary this year, this range includes eight rose-themed items, all of which are perfect for a night of full-on pampering. Made with organic Herefordshire roses that are hand-picked, air-dried, then infused, you can look forward to a classic floral experience with these products.

The Low Down
I tried five of the eight products available- the Petal-Soft Bath Foam ($26.90), the Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub ($36.90), the Shower Gel ($14.90), the Instant Glow Body Essence ($39.90) and the Instant Glow Body Butter ($32.90). Overall, I was pretty impressed by how luxurious the range felt on the skin. The scent was well on point too- sophisticated yet not overwhelming. My favourite of the bunch? It’s a close call between the Body Scrub and the Body Essence!

Read on to see how each item fared-

British Rose Petal-Soft Bath Foam ($26.90, 250ml)

My favourite way to end an exhausting day is to soak in a warm bubble bath. What I loved about this bath foam is how much bubble it creates under running water- a little definitely goes a long way! The scent is subtle and relaxing, while the foam leaves the skin feeling smoother.


British Rose Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub ($36.90, 250ml)

If you’re anything like me – you enjoy getting rid of dead skin every couple of days – you’ll love this one. Made with real rose petals, this exfoliating scrub is gentle on the skin but leaves it smoother and softer after each use. The one-of-a-kind light gel consistency makes it a stand-out from all the other scrubs I have tried.


British Rose Shower Gel ($14.90, 250ml)

Unlike the easily recognisable clear plastic cap and bottle typically associated with The Body Shop’s shower gels, this rose-scented one features a black cap and a body sleeker than the rest. Don’t expect the scent to be strong, though; this shower gel doesn’t boast of an in-your-face fragrance like the other fruity ones carried by the company.


British Rose Instant Glow Body Essence ($39.90, 250ml)

Another hit is this lightweight essence lotion for the body. Paired with the exfoliating scrub, this winning combination will leave you feeling clean and pampered all over. While it is the priciest of the lot, I appreciate how it came with an easy-to-use push-down nozzle. I also enjoyed how fast-absorbing the lotion was, and how it did not leave behind a greasy or tacky feeling like how most moisturisers would.


British Rose Instant Glow Body Butter ($32.90, 200ml)

A new member of the familiar favourite, The Body Shop body butter family, this item incorporates the classic moisturiser formula with a slight twist. The addition of rose essence gives it a subtle yet fresh fragrance, appealing to those who prefer an understated scent. Best to use after showering on normal to dry skin!


British Rose Petal-Soft Hand Cream ($21.90, 100ml / $10.90, 30ml)

It would not be the complete British Rose Collection without a hand cream.  The fresh scent of British Rose makes you want to keep re-applying and smelling your hands.  Bring it along with you everywhere and re-apply when needed!

British Rose Eau De Toilette

British Rose Eau De Toilette ($28.90, 100ml)

My favourite way to start a day is start it happy (and feeling feminine). The Eau De Toilette replicate the beautiful experience of roses.


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