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When we first took possession of this tube of cream and read that it is ‘a life force from the Antarctic Glaciers’, we thought ‘really, what can this be?’ Having used this cream for the past few weeks, we now totally understand. It’s our skin’s ‘sos’ (save our skin) life saver and, truly, a ‘life force’ to be reckoned with!

P. Antarctica 77 Cream is a solution for all skin types, it can help every skin problem from dry flaky skin to excessive sebum production as well as pimples and enlarged pores.

We have all experienced how the Singapore weather plays havoc on our skin’s condition, those who have never suffered from pimples or acne begin to see breakouts and our time spent in air conditioned offices will see those with little to no skin problems begin to suffer from dry and tight feeling skin. P. Antarctica 77 Cream is able to aid the skin by maintaining its natural moisture level by 15 hours longer than normal and gives, what can be described as, a protective layer to our skin.

LJH Cosmetics’ P. Antarctica 77 Cream contains ingredients to protect, regenerate and heal skin:-

  • The Ice Plant, this grows in harsh environments and actually survives by forming water droplets on their surface to absorb soil water throughout the dry cold season.
  • The Baobab Tree Extract grows mostly in the Sahara Dessert and can store up to 120,000 litres of water in their trunks. With this water retention ability as well as having 6 times more Vitamin C than oranges, it is able to aid skin cells regeneration.
  • The plant based collagen, Natto Gum, helps skin to increase collagen production which firms and plumps skin, it can enhance elasticity of the skin.
  • Sage Leaf Extract provides effective reduction of acne problems and pimples.
  • Centella Asiatica aids in reducing scars.

This fresh, non-oily, non-shiny and non-greasy gel-cream moisturizer forms into healing water and protector upon contact with the skin.

P. Antarctica 77 Cream comes in 15ml tubes and retails for S$26 each.

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