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Meet The Team -

Meet The Team

Katherine Sng

Katherine Sng

Katherine is the founder for and She lives in Singapore and is a strong advocate of healthy lifestyle through exercise; eating right; keeping a positive and youthful outlook of life; and, to live vicariously while one can. When she is not working, she is catching up with her friends over coffee on the latest news and entertainment gossip. She firmly believes that empowerment is possible for anyone, as long as they believe in themselves and the people around them.

Clare Eastwood

Clare Eastwood

Clare Victoria is the Managing Editor for and  British born and a Yorkshire girl through and through, Clare left the familiarity of home many moons ago.  Having lived, worked and experienced the highs and lows of being a foreigner in both France and Singapore, Clare has grown into a truly international lady.  Her passion is writing about anything that will interest, enlighten and offer inspiration to her readers.

Liz Champion

Liz Champion

Liz is a freelance writer and copywriter living and working in the UK. She is a keen runner, avid reader and aspiring author. She is currently studying for a master’s degree in creative writing. Visit her website at or follow her on Twitter @Lizzie_Champion


Agnes Goh 1

Agnes Goh

‘Life isn’t about being unafraid, but being afraid and doing it anyway.’ So, Agnes is always up for new experiences. She enjoys exercising, dancing, learning Korean, doing volunteer work and part-time modeling. An advocate of a healthy lifestyle, she’s also a registered yoga instructor. Check out her Instagram @aggy_goh for some yogi inspiration (oh, and nice foodies)!

Anthia Chng

Apart from being an avid baker and writer, Anthia is obsessed with watching video after video of makeup and food tutorials- all in the name of clearing her Youtube subscriptions, of course! With what’s left of her free time, she achieves immense satisfaction by hunting down the cheapest fashion, beauty and food deals all around town. Check out her instagram @helloanthia for photos of cute dogs, weekly McDonald’s breakfasts and her beauty/food indulgences.

Caleb Yeoh

Caleb is an Avid Cat Worshipper.  Food Fanatic.  Loves puns and buns (in all senses).  His favourite pastime includes watching cat videos, reading Buzzfeed, cooking, baking and knitting.  Occasionally, he indulges in a good glass of fermented grape juice (READ: Wine).


Dinah Seng

Dinah enjoys learning new ways to see from people all the world while soaking in the beauty/nightmares of travel with random spontaneity. She has an intense passion for food and loves exploring local street kitchens.


Fitri Handa Yani

Fitri currently reads English Literature in Nanyang Technological University. Showing great interest in feminist studies, she hopes one day her words will be powerful enough to advocate gender equality and freedom. Other than writing, she loves to indulge in sinful dishes and enjoys once in awhile escapade to her wanderlust.

Gamine Girl

Gamine Girl is a Dreamer, Philosopher and a Wanderer. She is a free spirit trying to find her balance in the corporate world, and despite being a few decades old, she is still pretty much a work in progress.


Karina Leacock

Karina Leacock is an award winning Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist based in the UK.  Her purpose is to empower and inspire people to be the best version of their physical and authentic self by using colour and style as tools to define their personal brand.  Fashion is important, but true style is instinctively personal to you.  Karina teaches true style.  When not painting the world in colour, Karina is a keen health enthusiast, loves the gym and power walking for miles.  When not running around after her 2 young children, she’s also rather partial the quintessential English ‘Afternoon Tea’.

Matthew Ng

Matthew Ng is a travel addict, who enjoys viewing and capturing the world through his camera. His love for travel photography has seen him journey from the majestic highlands of Scotland to the grimy shanties of Philippines. His ultimate goal in life is to be able to travel the world and write. Follow his wanderlust-filled photographic journey on Instagram @thetravelfella.

Sean Tan

Sean Tan

Sean enjoys thinking about ways he can help improve the lives of others, whether be it through
his self-help blog or occasional fictional writing.  He enjoys both a good book and coffee, pairing
them up with exercise to keep his mind in constant creativity overdrive. He is also an adventurer
at heart, and can be found surfing through pictures of beautiful islands and daydreaming about
the myriad of activities he plans to do while there.

Tealle Tong

Tealle love simple things like eating, laughing loudly and spending time with people she loves. Watching movies and cooking are some of her favourite things to do.  She believes in living life passionately and she hopes to travel round the world someday.
Tan Ke Xin
This feisty 22-year-old simply does not sweat the frivolous stuff. Ke Xin is always taking on challenges with her free-spirited ethos. She takes her time to enjoy the process of mental sparring – and is always ready to share her two cents on the latest trends and interests. While she is private on social networking sites, you may reach her at