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In an extensive 6-week commissioned consumer survey to measure the quality and effectiveness of their Bodyline Treatments, Marie France clients give reassuring results.

In a six-week Marie France Bodyline treatment satisfaction survey conducted by Nielsen, 93% of women surveyed found that their clothes were not as tight and 92% were satisfied with the overall experience.  Marie France Bodyline is releasing the survey results to reaffirm the satisfaction of clients to their treatments and, it is through these reassuring results that Marie France Bodyline is committed to upkeep its professionalism, efficacy and service to its customers.

During this study, Marie France Bodyline puts their advanced technologies and treatments to a stringent satisfaction test and shares the consumer satisfaction and effectiveness results. “The aim of this survey is to gain statistics and insights to prove the quality of our treatments, as well as to measure the satisfaction of the overall experience women have when they come to our centers. We want to be accountable to our clients as well as to reaffirm our clients’ confidence in Marie France Bodyline’s body contouring treatments” said a Marie France Bodyline spokesperson.

Respondents underwent a six-week slimming program in a market research on slimming effectiveness conducted by Nielsen Singapore. This consumer study was never conducted before by the international research agency in Singapore, making it a unique and challenging project to administer. A total of105 women, aged between 22 and 40, underwent body slimming and contouring treatments twice a week, over six weeks, in November and December 2014.

An unprecedented 93% of the respondents said that their clothes were not as tight after the six weeks of treatments; with 86% of the total sample stating that they felt more confident in themselves after six weeks; whilst 82% of the respondents said that they were satisfied with Marie France Bodyline’s slimming solutions.  These results cement Marie France Bodyline’s treatments quality and efficacy in providing World-Class Service and Experience.  An astounding 92% ofthe women surveyed revealed that they are satisfied with the overall six-week treatment experience at Marie France Bodyline, including the professionalism of the service, where the therapists were commended to be friendly, attentive and positive towards clients.

These affirming results were further supported by candid testimonials from the respondents, where one woman said “I felt that the program had helped me increase my metabolism rate compared to the past. The consultants who assisted us in the treatments were very attentive too”; while another woman remarked that “All tummy treatments are good and efficient and my tummy flatten very fast!

Professional service, world-class experience and effective treatments are what set Marie France Bodyline apart from their competitors. Awoman enthused, “Front counter staffs and therapists were friendly. They always greet with a great smile. Machines used were high tech and not uncomfortable.”   While another lady added “Appointments start on time and there were hardly any delays. Staff were efficient.

So, now the feasting and festivities season is over, its time to give Marie France Bodyline a call and book your treatments.  After all, it’s soon holiday and beach time season coming up!

SPECIAL PROMOTION – In celebration of the upcoming International Women’s Day, Marie France Bodyline is also giving a very special promotion of TWO body contouring treatments priced at ONLY SGD$50.00! This not-to-be-missed promotion is valid from now till 30 April 2015. Terms and conditions apply.

For appointments or more information, please call 1800-7777-111.


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