A Natural Lift For The Face With Lierac Lift Integral


Defy the signs of ageing on the skin and face with Lierac’s new Lift Integral range of skincare.

One thing that you can’t beat is the law of gravity, and that applies to everything in life including our face. Well not really, but definitely as you age, sagging skin is a natural process (if you don’t take preventive measures) as cell renewal becomes slower and the body produces lesser elastin. Skin loses elasticity and suppleness – and things start to fall.

So how do you overcome it? Having healthy lifestyle habits certainly help to improve things from the inside out, and thankfully with the advances in cosmetic science, there are new breakthroughs that help us combat it from the outside too.

Enter Laboratoires Lierac’s new lift injection range that restores the facial dynamic, Lift Integral. It has two key effects: tighten sagging areas and fill in hollow areas of the skin.

This new range was designed to target the key concern of sagging skin that women over 40 have, but anyone who wants a “natural lift” can use it. The key ingredients include mahogany extract, from the tree that is known for stability and strength, purple tulip extract that can fill the hollow area and boost the volume, and Halyu-3 concentrate, which plumps, moisturises and smoothens the skin.

There are five products in line: a serum, a day cream, a night cream, a flash lift mask and an eye serum.

As per the usual skincare routines, you apply the Lierac Lift Integral Superactivated Lift Serum Firmness Booster (30ml, S$128) after you apply your toner. The serum dynamises the face contour, restores the volume, and corrects the wrinkles of slackening.

For the day, there is the Lierac Lift Integral Sculpting Lift Cream (50ml, S$128). The gel-cream has a lift injection effect that tightens and restores the contour of the face. With prolonged use of the cream, the face is supposed to look as if it is remodeled and the wrinkles are corrected, resulting with a firmer and redefined facial contour.

For the night, the Lierac Lift Integral Restructuring Lift Cream Night (50ml, S$128) detoxifies and remodels to tone facial contours, smooth out the jawline and redefine the lower face. Results are supposed to be visible after 14 days. We tried all the creams and serums on our hands, and though this was the heaviest in viscosity and texture (expected since it’s a night cream), it had the most instantaneous effects. The skin tightened almost instantly after application, and we can only imagine what the effects would be like after prolonged use. Sharpened V-line anyone?

For extra suppleness, use the Lierac Lift Integral Flash Lift Mask (75ml, S$85). Two times more concentrated in active lifting ingredients than the Sculpting Lift Cream, it brightens and strengthens the facial features, and gives has an illuminating effect. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes before removing the excess, it can be used as a quick pick me up, or overnight as a mask of sorts for the face. Recommended use – no more than two to three times a week.

Your eyes get a pampering with this range from Lierac too – Lierac Lift Integral Eye Lift Serum Eyes & Lids. With an applicator that allows you to gently tap in gel-like serum into the skin surrounding the eye area. It contains all the ingredients that the entire range has, and includes additional acacia and datura extract to combat dark circles and puffiness.

This line certainly sounds promising for women who want an alternative to external aesthetic measures to fix the concerns they have of their ageing skin. And given that it boasts of ingredients that are harvested from farms that have purposefully grown their crops for Lierac, it can only contain the good stuff as it is formulated exclusively in France.

In addition, to the new range by Lierac, Phyto (under the same parent company) also showed off their Phytomillesime line of premium products that provides anti-fading care for coloured hair. And the fragrance is mind-blowingly good. This is as all five products contain apples. Not just any apple, but redlove apple. Specially cultivated and purportedly one of the most expensive apples in the world, its flesh is entirely red and its full of antioxidants.

Start your hair care ritual with the Phytomillesime Pre-Shampoo Color Locker (100ml, S$65). Yes you read it correctly, you put this into your hair right before you step into the shower as the oil help to stop colour stripping, protecting and prolonging your hair colour. Apply it from the roots to the tips, leaving it on for one to two minutes before using the shampoo or cleansing cream.

For washing your hair, there are two products – Phytomillesime Color-Enhancing Shampoo (200ml, S$45) and Cleansing Care Cream (25ml, S$50). The former is sulphate-free and cleanses your scalp and hair without letting the colour fade away. It is recommended that you alternate between this and the care cream, which gently cleanses the hair without any heavy lathering action.

Next, slather on the Phytomillesime Color-Enhancing Mask (200ml, S$85), which is enriched with argan butter, weekly. Its appearance is really buttery-looking and other than preventing your hair colour from fading, it also detangles and even amplifies the hair colour. Remember to only apply to damp or towel-dried hair and rinse after two to three minutes.

Finish off your hair care routine with the Phytomillesime Beauty Concentrate (150ml, S$65), a leave-in hair product to hydrate your tresses and make hair styling easier. This premium line of products are sure to make your hair shine better and brighter, so be sure to check them and the Lierac Lift Integral range of skincare out.

For more information about Lierac, visit www.lierac.com, and for Phyto, visit www.phyto.com.

The Lierac Lift Integral and Phyto Phytomillesime range can be found at
• Beauty by Nature Ion, Ion Orchard #B3-49/50
• Robinsons, The Heeren
• Robinsons, Raffles City
• Robinsons, JEM
• Metro Centrepoint
• Metro Paragon

as well as online at Zalora, Zilingo, Shopee, Lazada and Redmart.


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