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To break the cycle of an unhealthy lifestyle is never going to be easy, but with the opening of Blackmores first health and wellness management store here in Singapore, individuals learn how to take charge of their health the natural way and soon begin to feel the benefits of a balanced body as they set their lifestyle down the healthy route.

Located at Parkway Parade (#B1-111), the Flagship Store serves as an education and information hub for natural and holistic healthcare and assists customers to develop a holistic lifestyle suitable for their needs through its value-added naturopathic health consultation services.

During the 60-mins consultation, the naturopath consultant will assess consumers’ lifestyle habits via a questionnaire followed by an iridology (iris analysis) test. Consumers will then be given counsel on how they can better care for their well-being on the whole through personalised lifestyle modifications as well as a complete dietary, lifestyle and supplementation recommendation most suited for their needs. A follow-up consultation will then be scheduled one to three months later to review the recommendations made from the initial consultation.

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Before you head down to Blackmores Flagship Store, perhaps you need to know the Naturopath Facts and learn a little more about this health and wellness way of managing your life….

What is Naturopathy?

  • A philosophy of life and approach to living as close to nature as possible.
  • A system that focuses on building health and promoting the body’s natural self-healing process via holistic health education.

Naturopathy principles

  • Nature has an innate power to heal
  • Look out for underlying causes affecting our physical or emotional health
  • Treatment by a qualified naturopath will not create other conditions
  • All aspects of a person’s being will be taken into consideration when preparing a treatment plan
  • A naturopath empowers the client with personalised health knowledge to encourage self-responsibility in healthcare
  • A naturopath encourages improvements such as diet and lifestyle for prevention of disease and optimum health

What does a Naturopath do?

  • Provides naturopathic health services through an in-depth assessment of each individual’s needs by reviewing their diet and lifestyle patterns, as well as other examinations including iris analysis
  • Provides counsel and recommendations to life healthily through lifestyle, diet and supplement intake
  • Assists the individual in selecting products most suited for his or her healthcare needs

When to consult a naturopath?

  • If the individual is seeking complementary treatment options, including to complement care given by a medical doctor
  • If the individual would like to learn more about health prevention methods
  • If the individual is seeking advice on dietary and lifestyle solutions

What does a naturopathic consultation session include?

  • Naturopathic health assessment via a questionnaire to gather the individual’s symptoms, lifestyle habits and medical history
  • Iris analysis to determine the strength and weaknesses of the individual’s health
  • Personalised dietary and lifestyle modifications counsel after assessment and analysis
  • Supplements recommendation

What happens after my naturopath consultation?

  • Follow the recommendations of the naturopath
  • Return for a follow-up consultation within 1-3 months from initial session
  • Follow ups are essential to achieve better health as subsequent analyses will be more focused and in-depth on the targeted aspect(s) of the individual’s health


Blackmores Flagship Store also provides an extensive range of top-grade natural vitamins and supplements, exclusive supplements, and health and weight management products to cover various aspect of healthcare that are suitable for everyone. Do-it-Yourself health assessments and loyalty programmes are also available.

Blackmores Flagship Store is located at Parkway Parade #B1-111.


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