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We previously discovered Hadara Aesthetics Boutique, a cozy and friendly boutique spa situated at Lorong Telok.  You can read our feature of Hadara Boutique Spa HERE

On learning of Hadara Aesthetics Boutique, we were interested in one of the procedures (treatments) which they offer, the Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Massage, and we wanted to know more.

We met with MLD expert at Hadara, YY Low, and she explains the procedure involved in this detoxification and relaxation massage.  YY also tells us the benefits of lymphatic drainage and teaches us the importance of the lymphatic system in our bodies.


The Body’s Lymphatic System Explained:-

The lymphatic system is a web all over the body, it is a filter for the body that houses wastes, toxins and mutant cells. Each cell in our body is constantly eating and, as everything that eats must also waste, the waste or toxins needs to be removed. The lymph nodes hold the toxins that are pulled away from other areas of the body. If these nodes become full, the storage tanks are closed. When this happens, the cells look elsewhere for places to store toxins and create their own ‘waste cells’. These cells are then referred to as mutant cells and with these can come significant health issues such as cancer, auto immune problems etc.

What is the Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

MLD Massage it is a very light massage that one has to be trained to perform.  The pressure of the MLD Massage is highly important, a pressure between 30grams to 115grams is the correct way to perform MLD.  If too much strength is applied the massage will NOT be effective in draining the lymph nodes that are just under our skin.  The MLD Massage is a 2-hour relaxation and detoxification massage and is an ideal way to boost ones immune system. It is very important to drink plenty of fluids after the MLD Massage, this helps to continue the drainage of toxins which the massage sets in motion.

Who can benefit from Lymphatic drainage?

People with severe water retention will see the noticeable difference from before and after the massage.

For detoxification effects, most individuals feel refreshed after the experience. However if there are a lot of toxins and the lymph nodes are not able to drain efficiently, some may be tired and therefore regular MLD Massage is recommended.

Many clients tell me they sleep very well after the MLD Massage.

What is experienced after MLD Massage is performed?

  • Most people feel lighter
  • Many will feel extremely relaxed
  • Muscle tension is lessened
  • Urination is increased and perhaps a change in colour or stronger odor is noticed (this is normal as it is the bodies way of eliminating the toxins)

How often should MLD Massage be performed?

For boosting the immune system, an individual who has never done MLD starts with the massage performed twice a week. They can then move to once a week and for the general maintenance of the lymphatic system, the MLD massage should be performed once a month.

What are some of the significant benefits of the MLD Massage?

  • MLD Massage is known to be a good way of boosting the immune system.
  • MLD Massage helps to detox the body so the person will feel general well-being.
  • MLD Massage is performed by nurses on post-cancer patients. This is to boost their immune system and also help drain toxins out of the system.



Our Review of MLD Massage at Hadara

Our experience of the MLD Massage was a very positive one, not only did we feel incredibly relaxed during the massage, we came out of Hadara feeling thoroughly refreshed. On reaching home we drink plenty of water (we choose warm water flavoured with lemon) and, with the increased energy levels, we happily carry on with our chores at home. A bonus to the MLD, which we were thankful for, was our immune system seems to be improved, when the hubby and children come down with a nasty cold and cough recently, we fight it off and stay healthy!


The 120 minute (2 hour) MLD Massage at Hadara Aesthetics Boutique Spa is priced at S$250.  Currently Hadara are offering a promotion package at buy 6 get 2 free OR buy 10 get 5 free.


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