Review: Beauty Cleanse Candyfloss Nutmylk

Beauty Cleanse's Candyfloss Nutmylk

Beauty Cleanse’s Candyfloss Nutmylk range


If you have yet to get on the health juice/drinks bandwagon, local juice cleanse company Beauty Cleanse’s new range of Candyfloss Nutmylk will get you there. A package offers six bottles of nut milks in different flavors: original, matcha (green tea), cocoa, coffee (decaf), black sesame, and marshmallow (due to its baby pink color)—there’s no marshmallow in this; only fruit and vegetables.

There’s not a single flavour from Beauty Cleanse’s Candyfloss Nutmylk range we didn’t like, but if we had to pick, our personal favorite draws between cocoa and marshmallow—the former; a light, nutty chocolate concoction, while the latter combines a smooth blend of fruit flavors with mild hints of nut. What we really liked was the combination of light flavors and cashew nut milk, instead of a rich and creamy concoction that cloys the palate—making it deliciously easy to drink.

Not meant to be a cleanse program, Beauty Cleanse’s Candyfloss Nutmylk series of nut milks are a good source of fiber and protein, rich in vitamin E—what you need for beautiful radiant glowing skin, as well as high in omega-3 fatty acids that prevents high blood pressure and heart disease.

For a healthy option to end a meal, we suggest trading in dessert for a guilt-free bottle of Beauty Cleanse’s Candyfloss Nutmylk, or even as a supplement to daily meals.

All ingredients used by Beauty Cleanse are plant-based, organic, vegan and raw, with no additional preservatives or colorings. Made with organic cashew nuts, Beauty Cleanse’s Candyfloss Nutmylk series is dairy-free—perfect for everyone, including those who are lactose-intolerant.

Beauty Cleanse’s Candyfloss Nutmylk range retails at S$95 for six bottles on Beauty Cleanse’s website For more information, please visit Beauty Cleanse Candyfloss Nutmylk here.

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