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iBeauty Medispa Metabolite Wellness Treatment

Metabolite Wellness Treatment


A busy and hectic lifestyle, junk diets and lack of proper sleep and exercise regime; are the immediate challenges to getting optimum wellness for the body.  As we grow older, the body’s wellness is compromised and signs of poor health will start to appear, i.e. poor metabolism, poor blood circulation, digestion problems coupled with constant bloatedness and stubborn fats and weight that is being accumulated can be quite alarming.  With a healthy low fat diet and regular exercise regime, most people can achieve a healthy weight and good wellness system within their bodies.  Howerever, in this fast-paced society coupled with the ‘good food’, many people face the challenge of maintaining a healthy physique and keeping sickness at bay.

Knowing the Body Mass Index (BMI), the amount of fat under the skin is ascertain, the higher theBMI, the more unhealthy one is and there is increased risks of Heart disease, Hypertension and Diabetes etc.  The visceral fat surrounding our major organs is undetected by naked eyes which is directly linked to health related issues.

We tried consulted with iBeauty Medispa and was advised to try the  Metabolite Wellness Treatment.  A whole new customised treatment that works by spot contouring to promote healing and rejuvenation.  The therapist advised making effort in changing to a healthy lifestyle, starting with a healthy diet.  The healthy diet includes reducing the calories intake and eating healthy.  No amount of slimming treatments or dieting would work if there is no shift towards a healthy lifestyle- exercise is important.

The iBeauty Medispa Metabolite Wellness Treatment engages the unique massage technique to unblock and stimulate 106 meridian points through the body during this 30 minute treatment, increasing basal metabolism and blood circulation.  This massage technique ‘wakes up’ the body and drain the fat cells through the lymphatic system at a faster speed.

Base on my one-time experience,  iBeauty Medispa Metabolite Wellness Treatment curbed my appetite and I feel it would be effective if the treatments are done more frequently.  Women with sluggish metabolism would find this treatment effective,  iBeauty Medispa Metabolite Wellness Treatment can only be done after third day or after the menstration stops.

15 sessions of guaranteed 5kg weight loss is $2,000, $100 for first time trial (Usual price: $250) for a 30 minute treatment.

DETAILS: iBeauty Medispa is at: – Blk 713, Ang Mo Kio Central, #01-4040, Singapore 560713. Tel: 6455 9379, 6455 9124  – Blk 302, Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #01-1850, Singapore 560302. Tel: 6459 8178, 6457 0054 – 55 Tras Street, #01-01 Singapore 310184, (Exit from Tanjong Pagar MRT exit A). Tel: 6220 2550, 6220 2554 – Blk 184, Toa Payoh Central, #01-354, Singapore 310184. Tel: 6259 1523 Opening hours- Monday to Saturday, 11:00am to 9:00pm, closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

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