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SkinLab Consultation

SkinLab Consultation


Beautiful glowing skin is essential to looking good.  Using the right skincare, eating well and living a healthy lifestyle no longer suffice for that GLOW we are all yearning for- a good facial treatment or an aesthetic treatment does the trick.

SkinLab The Medical Spa combines the most advanced medical techniques in aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dermatology to provide the top-grade quality treatments.  The in-house tailored treatments conducted by the well-trained therapists and consultants will help to find the right SkinLab facial treatment for everyone.

SkinLab Treatment Room

SkinLab Treatment Room

Having dull skin and clogged pores, the consultant at SkinLab chose the Aqua Peel Whitening Solution Treatment for me.  The Aqua Peel Whitening Solution Treatment is a gentle crystal peel combined with effective salicylate and anti-oxidants infusion.  The clogged pores revealed the white heads and black heads after leaving the crystal peel on for less than 5 minutes.  The salicylate and anti-oxidants infusion is more enhanced due to the spiral contact tip, the salicylate helps to dissolve the dead skin congestion while the anti-oxidants increases skin renewal, slows melanin oxidation and production, and prevents ageing of the skin cells.  

The therapist managed to remove all the white head and black heads on my face, the extraction process was almost painless and was extremely quick and swift. After extracting the ‘heads’ from the clogged pores, the therapist applied a cooling mask to calm the skin to reduce redness and any possible inflammation.  Once the mask was removed, the skin on my face felt extremely clean and soft like a baby’s butt.

Having tried the Aqua Peel Whitening Solution Treatment, I am convinced the treatment efficiently removed the dead skin, removed the clogged pores and brightened my face.

Verdict: Must try especially for those with clogged pores and dull skin.

SkinLab Plaza Singapura

 Skin Lab, the medical spa is at:
 - 501 Orchard Road, #04-04 Wheelock Place, Singapore 238801. Tel: 6235 3246
 - 68 Orchard Road, #03-33 Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839. Tel: 6336 1106


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