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Did you know that AllSense is Singapore’s pre-eminent designer of ambient fragrances for brands and retailers.  First introducing ‘Scent Marketing’ to Singapore with the Signature Scent in ION Orchard.  AllSense is a go-to choice for designing immersive and engaging scent experiences for brands.

Now, not only with their passion for Scent but also with a passion for Singapore, AllSense are setting out to design Singapore’s first Scent Map and need YOU to help them create history.

AllSense are launching Scent Walks in the region and you can join these first ever scent walks of Singapore with AllSense.

There will be 8 different routes to choose from and the walks will happen between Wednesday, 3rd June to Wednesday, 10th June 2015 and these walks are FREE.  AllSense are inviting members of the public to sign up for free and take a walk on the scented side and enjoy the ScentScape of Singapore.  You can sign up HERE.

Each Scent Walk will take approximately 1 hour, spanning 1km and will be a guided tour around a location to take in the smells of the landscape.  You  will get to experience just how the human sense of smell is closely connected to our faculties in memory and emotion and you will see (and smell) just how scents are such drivers of nostalgia.  Each participant will be given a short form in order to capture the various aromas and document any feelings or opinions experienced while on the Scent Walks with AllSense.

The information obtained from these scent walks will be captured and catalogued by Kate Mclean, an academic and mapper from the UK commissioned by AllSense (learn more about Kate Mclean below).  Kate will be designing a Scent Map and AllSense will be holding a gallery exhibition in August to showcase this art and science work to the public.


Just one of the Scent Walks Singapore with AllSense is happening at Gardens by the Bay.  Experience the Gardens from a different perspective and allow your nose to be led on a scent-filled journey by Kate Mclean from the United Kingdom (learn about Kate Mclean below).

Date: Monday, 8 June

Time: 10am – 11am / 8pm – 9pm

Location: Outdoor gardens and Flower Dome

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About Kate Mclean – Kate is a designer, mapper and collector of urban smells working in visual communications.  Her research links human perception of ‘smell data’ with the urban environment through sensory map-landscaping.  She combines smell-walking, digital design, water colour, motion graphics, distillation and scent diffusion in the creation of smell map installations.  Her novel work has been exhibited various science and art events.  Kate was awarded the Avenza Digital Mapping Award by the British Cartographic Society for a motion graphic of ‘Scents of Amsterdam’.  Previous Scent Walks with Kate Mclean have taken place in places such as; Paris, Edinburgh, New York City, Marseille and more.


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