Scoot’s Inaugural Flight To Berlin Takes Off: Our Take On The First Flight Out


Making a trip to Europe is now more affordable than before with Scoot’s flights to the city of Berlin.

Want to go to Europe but are fretting about how much the airfare will cost? We’ve got good news for you! Scoot now flies four times a week to Berlin from Singapore on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

We don’t know about you, but the leg space for us on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner is one of the most generous that we’ve seen amongst our regional budget airlines, which is a good thing when your flight is approximately 13 hours long.

Which brings us to the very first take off to Berlin by Scoot on 20 June. Given that it was the inaugural flight, the plane was packed. Then again it could be because those on the flight knew that there would be a party of sorts on board the very first flight.

And indeed the flight was eventful. But first onto the usual thoughts about normal flight comforts. We’ve flown Scoot to Sydney before and that’s nearly eight hours non-stop already. Adding another three hours to the mix ain’t too bad, especially if you are armed and know what you are in for and by this we mean having movies and shows in your entertainment device.

Or if you forgot, Scoot also has entertainment and inflight Wi-Fi options to help you pass time. Since we last flew Scoot, the Wi-Fi options have changed and instead of by time like in the past, it is now chargeable by data used. At US$4.99 for 20MB, you got to have deep pockets to use this like you would your Wi-Fi at home. That said if you got work to do, it could be a viable option to not “waste” the time you have on your flight.

ScooTV is another option to consider. For US$11, you get to access a library of movies on your devices for the entire duration of your flight. For Berlin, that would be nearly 13 hours of non-stop movies. And the titles aren’t too shabby either. Think The Greatest Showman, Justice League and Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

Having taken long flights before, this flight was no different from the usual flights, except when it came to food and beverages service. But for the amount saved, and the choice of whether or not we wanted a meal on a flight that we would have probably slept through anyway, it was well worth it.

As it was the very first flight, Scoot and the Scootees (cabin crew) decided to give everyone a surprise as after the flight took off, they greeted passengers in lederhosen and dirndl, the traditional Bavarian outfits that one normally associates with Germany.

That was not the end of the surprises. A couple of hours before we were to land, we realised that the crew had dressed up the front rows with a Germany inspired backdrop for photo taking.

And that was not all. To raise everyone’s excitement to explore Berlin, there were interactive games and activities by the Scoot crew. Conducted section by section to ensure that no one was left out, volunteers were recruited for a game of win, lose or draw for objects related to Berlin such as the Berlin bear and the Berlin wall.

There was also a dance off in celebration of Berlin’s nightlife. Sporting guests went to the front to groove to the beat and win the votes of audience.

Last but not the least to mark the in-flight celebrations was a lucky draw where winners walked away with varying amounts of Scoot vouchers that they can use towards their next flight out with Scoot.

When the flight landed, we were greeted by a traditional water cannon salute as everyone in the plane erupted into a loud cheer. On the ground, we were greeted by delighted Berlin airport staff members who gave out bears from the airport to mark the special occasion.

Would we fly to Berlin again with Scoot? Why not? With comfortable leg space and a direct flight to Berlin, it won’t be the last time we use Scoot to explore Europe again.

Scoot flies four times a week to Berlin and promotional prices start from S$239 one way.


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