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The SingTel Wifi service that came along with our new SingTel combo plan has proved to be a great asset to our mobile phone usage and is keeping us connected wherever and whenever we need.

What you need to know about the new SingTel combo plan and SingTel Wifi service; SingTel Wifi allows you to connect from 4G to WiFi (at selected shopping malls and some MRT stations) seamlessly and the main benefits include:-

  • Swich automatically between 4G to SingTel Wifi without a manual password login,
  • Internet speed is 5x faster than public Wifi,
  • Over 100 hotspots already in place (expected to increase to approximately 2000 hotspots in 2016)
  • Unlimited data usage at SingTel Wifi hotspots till 31 July 2015*

As with anything new, we had questions before connecting onto the SingTel Wifi hotspots, some of these questions we can answer easily now having become familiar with the SingTel Wifi service:-

Q. Why go for a specific Wifi hotspot when there’s already Wireless@SG?
A. Honestly, only the people who have never or have had very limited experience with Wireless@SG will be asking this question! Personally, having been among those without a paid data plan previously and finding it necessary to rely on Wireless@SG, I say Wireless@SG is just not reliable enough.

Q. How is the speed for SingTel Wifi service?
A. Obtaining connection is fast (much faster than Wireless@SG) and with our phone switching our 4G to SingTel Wifi seamlessly, we feel this service is a real time saver. We have not encountered any problems or necessity to search out the SingTel Wifi hotspot so, again speed is on SingTel Wifi side.

SingTel Wifi Service Keeping us Connected in MRT Stations

Orchard MRT, Raffles Place MRT and City Hall MRT are the first stations to be equipped with SingTel Wifi hotspots but there will be more and more coming soon and in the future. We can vouch for the fast connectivity and, again, had no problems when needing to stay connected. Personally, we have had problems in the past, while using WhatsApp (which we use for our business chats) and being in the middle of a conversation and suddenly our connection is lost…(more than annoying!) Luckily this has never happened when testing out our new SingTel Wifi service connection.

SingTel Wifi Service Keeping us Connected in Malls

Weather we need Instagram for our food posting, snapping a picture of a new dress to share with a friend, or email connection while out in the mall, the SingTel Wifi service in the malls around Singapore is great. The seamless switch to the SingTel Wifi service means we never once got logged out unexpectedly and never once lost connection with our messages. Of course, the list of malls is limited right now but, as with the MRT stations, more hotspots to malls will be added soon and in the future.

Final word, the SingTel Wifi service is an excellent added service and we feel it is well suited to all…lets face it, who, today, is not constantly attached to their phone and wanting to save on their data usage?


Now until 31 July 2015, this service is FREE for all SingTel Combo Mobile postpaid customers with unlimited WiFi usage.

* Bundled 2gb Wifi usage of SingTel Wifi will be tagged to SingTel Combo plan customers after 31st July. Usage beyond 2gb will be deducted from your main data bundle.

For more information, see SingTel Wifi info HERE

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