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A Perfect day. I guess many people have different variations of a perfect day. My ideal perfect day would be hanging out with great company in stylish yet comfortable attires. This could go down to the tiniest details like Lingerie.

According to statistics, 7 of out 10 women have woes about their inner wear. Triumph, however is all set this season to revitalize and change this.  Triumph introduces Stand up for FIT as its latest campaign.

Bent on revolutionising the women’s world, the campaign comes with a brand new concept store “The Insightful Tailoress”. The woody interior with matching hues of Red reminisces the old Hollywood glamour. It is sophisticated yet welcoming.

They have also introduced a free fitting consultation for all women. Ladies who visit any triumph boutique will be delighted to find “Fitting Masters”. They will help to measure your body and provide you with a better understanding of your bust and body shape via a bust ID and a shape ID.

With this in sight, they will tailor garments according to your requirements into that perfect “S” any lady is looking for! So for all ladies who fall into any other categories besides the “S”, fret no more. Triumph will have the ultimate garment to help you correct and get you looking fiery hot!

For this season, Triumph has also launched an amazing upheaval design called the Magic Wire. This Magic wire replaces the traditional mental wire yet provides the same lift and support. It is unquestionably comfortable. No more worries about ugly lines or cuts from wires. It is THE bra to have in your closet.

On top of that, they have also launched “The Forever Young Shape Collection” where it promotes to help keep your breast looking young, firm and supple. They have different styles to find different requirements of a lady. Being an Asian lady, we tend to be less well endowed. You will be surprised with what this Triumph collection has to offer. One that stands out especially is the laced up bra. You can adjust the tightness of your bra and create that perfect cleavage you dream about. So let’s stand up for FIT Triumph!


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