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With unparalleled access via our mobile devices and the possibility to be more connected to work and personal lives than ever before, we know that managing this effectively is often difficult.

With these difficulties in how to manage a work and personal life balance in mind, we learn some expert tips in how to organise your time best in making your smartphone work for you.

Working with Microsoft, Dr Mark Batey, Organizational Psychologist from Manchester Business School (UK), has provided his top tips for getting this balance right – designed to help busy people be productive and successful at work while keeping a happy balance with their personal life too;

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With simple yet often missed advice, Dr Mark Batey shares that you can soon be on the road to making your smartphone work for you:-

1.  If you need to jot down notes and ideas when these pop into your mind then opt for a note taking app which you can use quickly when at home or on the move.

2.  Make the most of your commuting time, don’t idle away the travel on public transport.  Take this time to tackle smaller, simpler tasks – such as checking emails, deleting spam, forwarding mails to colleagues for their action and prioritising the bigger jobs for when you reach the office.

3.  Although it is quick to reply to sms or mails, we can sometimes cut out the ‘thinking’ time needed to reply in a correct and polite way.  If you are faced with an ‘angry’ message take the time to consider the person’s views and decide how to handle this best.  Often, a quick reply is not suitable and perhaps a face to face chat (where possible) or phone call is used to the best advantage of resolving issues.  Think before you press send!

4.  Set yourself a ‘cut off’ time for work emails.  Don’t neglect your personal life, partner or children.  If urgent issues do occur where an unavoidable action is required, do set some time aside tomorrow for your partner and personal life.  Manage the balance of work and personal life for your wellbeing too, lack of sleep leads to sickness and we all know that decisions are always made best with a clear head and after a restful evening.

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Infographic Credit to Microsoft along with Dr Mark Batey for expert advice.

Image Credit to (Lumia 640 xl)


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