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When we heard that the recently revamped BE SUN sun care range by Atache is perfectly formulated for use in the hot and humid climate of the tropics, as well as being great for outdoor activities, we had to find out more.

In the humid climate, sun care that can stand the pace and stay in place, not only when we dash out to hail a taxi but also when we wear our running shoes and get active outdoors is something that we often struggle to seek out.  Not any more, since we have discovered BE SUN the sun care range by Atache.

We talked with Mr Kasimir Velev, Area Manager of Export Department at Atache Scientific Cosmetic, who is one of the vital core members of the team and plays a key role in, not only the Atache brand development but also works on image and beauty trends to ensure Atache keeps up to date and stays on top.

What are the highlights to the BE SUN sun care range?

  • BE SUN offers complete protection, not only when we are outdoor in profiling coverage from UVA and UVB but, also the important, and often forgotten, indoor infrared light which is also damaging.
  • Both anti ageing and sun care is addressed in the BE SUN range.
  • BE SUN is paraben free.
  • BE SUN is easily absorbed with no oily sensation.
  • The formulation of the BE SUN range has been mastered to ensure that skin colour does not change dramatically upon application.  For example, some other sun can ranges give an unnatural ‘whitening’ effect;  You will not experience this with BE SUN.

4 reasons why BE SUN FACE SPF 30 earns its rightful spot as STAR product to the BE SUN sun care range:-

  1. BE SUN FACE keeps our skin protected from UVA and UVB
  2. BE SUN FACE keeps our skin protected from infrared light
  3. BE SUN FACE is especially suitable for oily and acne prone skin
  4. BE SUN FACE also works as a concealer and helps to cover imperfections too.

We asked Mr Kasimir Velev; “How, in this competitive market, does Atache stay on top and what are the key changes or methods used when developing new products?”

He told us (that) “We take account of users’ preferences to textures and such like.  As new products are constantly being innovated, consumers do get even more well informed and thus are always looking for new and better products to serve them better.  That is why we, at Atache, strive to make our products exciting, fresh and are innovating on how to make our products better.”

Originating from a pharmaceutical group, Atache Scientific Cosmetic products are developed by a team of scientists with their manufacturing focusing on quality while all Atache products are scientifically proven with research also.

Mr Kasimir Velev shared some fabulous news for those among us with sensitive skin types; not only is the BE SUN range suitable for sensitive skin, but also, Atache, as a brand, is currently in the midst of getting hypoallergenic test certified.  Good news for sensitive skin types!


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