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By Ruth Chew

Quinoa, chia seeds and Maca powder. If you asked me three years ago whether I had heard of any of these superfoods or added them in my food, I’d have broken out in laughter.

But three years on, after one of my daughters has been diagnosed with multiple food allergies and a personal health scare of my own, I’m ALL about the super foods. Which is why Superlife Co is an interesting health food company to check out!

About Superlife Co

The local firm is helmed by three women: Valerie Chai, 29, Feline Gondokusumo, 24 and Irene Lim, 39, each who turned to a superfood for various health reasons spurring them on to create an easier way to bring these superfoods in and guarantee their purity – from seedling to table.

Superlife Co has a tight repertoire of these super foods on their website, namely: chia seeds, quinoa, maca powder, goji berries, acai berries, cacao powder and cold-pressed organic coconut oil.

With its dedication to purity and maintaining its promise to bring the best to your table, Superlife Co even runs its own farm in the Andes Mountain, where it has dispatched a local Singaporean team, managing the 3 farms producing chia seeds, quinoa and maca. Also, the company only brings in quality or organically grown superfoods from the United States or Australia. This maintains each product’s integrity from farm to table.

Delivery within Singapore is free and between 1 to 3 days and if you are ordering from out of Singapore, just email Superlife Co to find out more about shipping.

If you need a head start on superfoods, we’ve got a really easy recipe coming up which you can try out.  Do watch out for Easy Overnight Oats with Chia Seeds recipe coming up next…

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  1. At least, that is what art director Irene Lim, 39, who co-founded Superlife Co, a local e-business specialising in superfoods and personalised solutions that was launched last month, thinks.