Tips in Maintaining Healthy Hair and Healthy Scalp




It is an interesting fact that a person’s wellbeing is directly linked to the state of their scalp and hair.  Our lifestyle habits will lead to scalp issues, thinning hair and diffused hair loss.  The most common reasons behind hair loss in women are; genes (1 in 5 women), unbalanced diet (crash diets, diets with lots of carbohydrates and insufficient protein), puberty, child birth, menopause.

In dealing with the poor eating habits; in a typical Asian diet, we will eat a lot of carbohydrates (rice and noodles).  We must add a good variety, and a healthy amount, of green vegetables and protein.  It is found that women are lacking three main vitamins and minerals when suffering diffused hair loss – Vitamin B-complex, zinc and iron – a healthy diet helps or alternatively, vitamin supplements can be added to the diet to help with this.

Maintaining Health Hair and Avoiding Diffused Hair Loss

Another reason for hair loss in women is linked to the incorrect use of shampoo, hair care products and hair styling products.


Choosing the correct hair care products is the best way to maintain healthy hair and thus keeps our scalp healthy to help avoid diffused hair loss. But choosing hair care products can often be a minefield! With our expert’s help, he explains how this can be made easier. “In general, it is best to get a consultation to determine your scalp type and from there, look for the recommended type of shampoo that is suited to your scalp.”

Knowing what to look out for on the hair products ingredients listing is easy when you know how:-

  • Choose a shampoo specific for your scalp type – many hair care brands have shampoos specifically for the oily, flakey, or sensitive scalp.
  • Hair care products featuring keratin will add protein for healthy hair and hair growth.
  • Hair care products featuring pro-vitamin B5 will add moisture for healthy hair and hair growth.
  • Silicone, when present on hair care products, should be avoided. Silicone is synthetic and will attract dirt and cause more residue build-up in your hair which is in turn bad for your scalp health. Silicone is often present in hairspray, strong gels and fixatives.

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Mark Birch, Consulting Trichologist for Svenson

Meet our Expert : Mr Mark Birch is a world renowned trichologist (hair and scalp specialist). He became renewed for his groundbreaking work in treating the most severe cases of alopecia with excellent results whilst being engaged by Mayfair-based clinic Atkins & Law.


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