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In order to provide medically-curated treatments to combat hair loss while promoting scalp health, TrichoLab, the hair growth and scalp specialist, has opened its first outlet at Plaza Singapura. Our writer Yin Yan recently reviewed their TrichoLab outlet for its holistic approach towards hair restoration that brings together the best of medical expertise in order to provide treatments with proven results.



TrichoLab is a trusted sister brand of SkinLab The Medical Spa and SL Aesthetic Clinic, establishing a strong connection within the beauty scene. With 15 years of well-established endeavours into beauty enhancement, the group is actively helmed by dedicated aesthetic doctors including Dr Kelvin Chua and Dr Gabriel Wong. Adopting an exclusive trichology concept that is different from others, they aim to strike the perfect balance of restoration and nourishment within the scalp.

At TrichoLab, only the finest plant-based products that are formulated with ingredients proven to benefit hair and scalp health are used. All treatments are specially curated to transform hair from the inside out, treating the scalp with targeted nutrients to regenerate hair follicles, optimizing healthy hair growth.

Scalp Exfoliation Treatment


True to their plant-based approach to their treatments, the moment I entered the outlet, I was greeted with a refreshing store layout with lush greenery that decorated the walls, providing me a sense of calmness. This was a nice contrast to the city life we are always so engrossed in and made me feel like I was in my personal oasis for some me-time. 

Specially developed by in-house doctors using medically-proven ingredients, TrichoLab provides a full suite of invasive and non-invasive medically researched scalp treatments to treat different types of male (e.g. Male Pattern Hair Loss) and female (e.g. Androgenetic Alopecia) hair loss.

Before my treatment commenced, a trichology-trained professional conducted a thorough scalp analysis to understand my concerns regarding my hair and helped identify the root of the problem before prescribing me a suitable treatment. After identifying the problem with my scalp, the professional which serviced me recommended that I do their Scalp Exfoliation Treatment.


Before The Scalp Exfoliation Treatment


After The Scalp Exfoliation Treatment

The Scalp Exfoliation Treatment (S$212) is curated to help exfoliate the scalp by using medical-grade salicylic acid. It removes dirt, dust and product buildup that clog the pores of the scalp. This was perfect for me as my hair follicles were clogged up by dead skin cells and colouring products that accumulated due to the constant colouring of my hair.

To my amazement, I could see instantly that my hair follicles were all cleared up after the treatment and my scalp also appeared to be more nourished. Additionally, my scalp felt refreshed and clean after the exfoliation. Besides feeling clean and refreshed from the treatment, the products they used also had citrusy hints such as Yuzu and Papaya that helped me feel relaxed throughout the process. As advised by the professional, a cleaner scalp would mean better absorption of scalp care products, optimizing healthy hair growth.

In addition to making me look and feel good, I thoroughly enjoyed a pampering and relaxing time the moment I stepped into Tricholab. Besides their lovely services and informative advice by their trichology-trained staff, I was also ushered to their ‘Relaxation’ corner with a massage chair to boot during my treatment.

Other Medically Researched Scalp Treatments At TrichoLab


The Hair Loss Prevention (S$212) treatment is an effective treatment that integrates TrichoLab’s expertise with botanical ingredients. In combination with both their Scalp Renewing Mask and Anti-hair Loss Ampoule, this scalp treatment can help strengthen hair roots and remove dirt buildup.

The Derma Roller Treatment (S$319) is a proven treatment that stimulates cell turnover and improves circulation for the scalp. Regular treatments for the scalp using their derma roller will encourage hair growth and a healthier scalp.

The Dandruff Prevention (S$212) treatment is developed by TrichoLab by including the Scalp Renewing Mask as well as their Anti-dandruff Ampoule in order to reduce flaking, redness, itching and irritation.

The Sensitivity Reduction (S$212) treatment is a doctor-developed advanced scalp treatment using their Scalp Nourishing Mask as well as TrichoLab’s specially concocted Scalp Soothing Fluid to calm sensitive scalps.

Their Sebum Control (S$212) treatment helms a precise combination of their Scalp Renewing Mask and Oil Control Ampoule. With this magical combination, this treatment is ideal for regulating the overproduction of sebum for optimal follicular health.

The Intense Scalp Treatment (S$319) is an advanced scalp treatment created by TrichoLab that deeply cleanses and gently exfoliates the scalp for better absorption of the Scalp Ampoule.

The Dermatitis Care (S$212) is an effective treatment using TrichoLab’s Scalp Nourishing Mask and Oil Control Ampoule to help reduce sebum and balance oil level for a healthier scalp.

The Psoriasis Rescue (S$319) treatment combines botanical researched formulas, TrichoLab’s Nourishing Mask and Soothing Fluid to help calm the inflamed scalp and clear buildup.

Last but not least, the Folliculitis Remedy (S$319) is an advanced research by TrichoLab for severe folliculitis that tackles bacterial or fungal infection of the hair follicles. The ingredients used in this treatment contain all-natural coal tar which slows down bacterial growth while salicylic acid helps remove dirt and scales.

Grand Opening Deals

By using our code ‘BubbamamaxTCL’, you can get to enjoy the Scalp Exfoliating Treatment that our writer tried at a price of S$38 (U.P $212) and their Derma Roller Treatment at S$68 (U.P $319). Besides using our code, you can also get an extra 3% off all TrichoLab packages if you patronise SkinLab The Medical Spa or SL Aesthetic Clinic. If you are a customer of both, you can get 5% off!

So what are you waiting for? Check them out for your scalp-related concerns today!

Address: 68 Orchard Rd #04-08B Plaza, Singapore 238839

Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 9:30 pm (Monday to Friday) | 10:00 am to 8:30 pm (Saturday) | 10:00 am to 7:30 pm (Sunday)

Please click HERE to find out more about the treatments they provide!


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