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If you want to improve athletic performance and general health TRX suspension training will give you a full body workout guaranteed to get results. In no time at all you will feel fitter, stronger and more toned.

Suspension exercise is a very effective training method that uses bodyweight exercises to develop balance, strength, flexibility and core stability at the same time. The exercises use a suspension strap to maximise the resistance. Pushing, pulling, squatting, bending and jumping while suspended in the strap builds strength and stamina, helping to tone the whole body. It can also help runners by helping to target runner-specific muscles.

The suspension exercise cable is portable so you can use it almost anywhere and it’s great for all levels of fitness. When you are doing the exercise you have to engage your entire body. This helps to keep your body stable and in good form while you perform the exercises. It’s definitely a challenge, but the results are well worth the hard work.


Fitness First Singapore has suspension exercise classes that are taught by qualified trainers who will coach and guide you on how to perform the exercises effectively and efficiently.

The team at Fitness First has put together a full-body workout to get you started. When you do the exercises, remember to maintain good form, engage your core and keep your body aligned. Keep a long spine to avoid neck and back injuries.

Do the exercises in a circuit. Your training intensity depends on individual fitness level. The work to rest ratio can vary between 20:40, 30:30 or 45:15. Perform three to four sets.

TRX Squat – quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteal muscles

TRX Low Row – latissimus dorsi, rhomboids (ie. back muscles)

TRX Push up – pectoral muscles

TRX Bicep Curl – biceps

TRX Tricep Extension – triceps


To make it more challenging try this workout.

TRX Alternate Single Leg Squat

TRX Low and High Row Combo

TRX Push up Combo

TRX Single Leg Bicep Curl

TRX Single Leg Tricep Extension


For more information and to check out the schedule of TRX training at Fitness First, click HERE




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