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The new Moist Diane Perfect Beauty series combines the power of organic argan oil and a customised beauty keratin to give ladies everywhere shiny, healthy looking hair. Get samples from one of the pop-up events at Somerset@313, Bugis Junction and Chevron House.

We’re going to confess now. We’ve always been fans of Moist Diane products ever since they were introduced to the market in 2013. After all when something is made in Japan, you know its good, especially their beauty and cosmetic products. It doesn’t hurt that the product comes in packaging fit for a princess and most importantly for products that we apply on our hair and body, it smells great.

Hence, when we learnt that Moist Diane was launching its Perfect Beauty series, which essentially is a major renewal of its argan oil series, we were intrigued.

Take a whiff of the various scents

For those not too familiar, argan oil is known for its abilities to restore softness, strength, and shine to the hair. It provides excellent moisturising power and nutrition to the hair without leaving a heavy or greasy after feel. For the Perfect Beauty series, the brand only uses ECOCERT certified organic argan oil, which means lesser chemicals in the product and stronger natural potency of the product.

The other key ingredient in the series is keratin. Naturally. our hair comprises 90 per cent keratin and is responsible for giving hair strength and elasticity. However, exposing hair to UV rays (which can’t be avoided), heat and chemical treatments causes our hair to lose keratin. With the beauty keratin in the Moist Diane Perfect Beauty, it replenishes what your hair has lost and it does so by specifically targeting the specific needs that your hair has.

Moist Diane Founder sharing about the improvements made to the Perfect Beauty series

Moist Diane Perfect Beauty series comes in six different versions, each targeting specific hair needs that Asian ladies have raised. And the bottles have been refreshed in this series. Gone are the former, still very pretty, round bottles and in its place are sleek diamond-shaped bottles, with extra diamond grooves on them, very instaworthy. And each version comes in a gorgeous colour that will instantly beautify your shower area.

Instagram worthy, don’t you think?

Here’s the breakdown of each version:

Shiny brown (Extra Damage Repair) – suitable for those who need repair for the chemically-damaged hair, face split ends and need to prevent colour fading.
Pearl white (Extra Moist & Shine) – repairs damage caused by UV rays and heat, hydrates hair and give hair extra radiance.
Tiffany blue (Extra Fresh & Hydrate) – for those with oily scalp, eliminates scalp sebum odour and provides 48 hours of scalp and hair freshness
Ruby red (Extra Volume & Scalp) – volumises hair, restores bounce and resilience and reduces itching and flaking of scalp
Golden yellow (Extra Smooth & Straight) – tackles frizzy hair, restores moisture balance and control wavy and unruly hair
Princess pink (Extra Vital) – rejuvenates ageing scalp, strengthens hair and conditions the scalp

It is a big commitment though to buy a huge bottle of a product that you are unsure whether will work for your hair. Here’s the good news, Moist Diane is having roadshows across the island where you can pick up DIY samples and of course, the actual product itself. And for those who like photos, you’ll be glad to know that it’s a highly instagrammable station that you will find lots of opportunities for good photos.

Roadshow dates and venues
• Somerset@313
(Level 1 Atrium)
13-15 July
Bugis Junction (Level 1 Atrium)
16-22 July
Chevron House (Level 1 Atrium)
26-27 July

Moist Diane Perfect Beauty shampoo and treatment product is available at Watsons, Fairprice (selected range), Tokyu Hands, BHG, Welcia-BHG and Don Don Donki for S$16.90 each (450ml bottle). 


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